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Thailand will construct a second bridge to Malaysia

The Thai and Malaysian governments believe that the bridge will increase travel and business between their nations. A road connecting Bukit Kayu Hitam and Sadao will increase trade between Malaysia and Thailand, and both ministries want to hasten its construction. To accomplish their $30 billion bilateral trade goal by 2025, Malaysia’s Saifuddin Abdullah and Thailand’s Don Pramudwinai made an agreement to upgrade border infrastructure in August. The “Harmony Bridge” in Sungai Golok, which connects to Malaysia’s Rantau Panjang, will be connected to it. Buketa, Narathiwat, and Bukit Bunga, Malaysia are linked by the second river bridge. Malaysia’s most frequent visitors are still Thais, with Singaporeans coming in first. The brand-new bridge will facilitate cross-border traffic by land between the two nations. In July, Malaysians were the most prevalent foreign nationals entering Thailand, particularly via the province of Songkhla.

However, an area assessment and topography survey must be finished first. A Malaysian man crossed the river covertly in June to witness cockfighting. When he was shot while returning to Malaysia, the man’s luck altered. The majority of the Covid-19 entrance restrictions were relaxed in July, which allowed the 50-baht shuttle train between Songkhla and Padang Besar to resume service. To avoid authorities, the man swam across the river and into Malaysia. It takes an hour and costs only 50 baht (7 Malaysian ringgits) to take a train from Malaysia to Thailand. The shallow Golok River will be used as the site for a new border crossing by Thai authorities. Locals may easily cross the tiny river that separates Thailand and Malaysia, turning Sungai Golok into a nightlife hotspot. The construction of a fourth bridge between Tak Bai, Narathiwat province, and Pengkalan Kubor, Malaysia, is also being discussed by the two countries.

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