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Thailand’s Bold Step Towards Net Zero Cement: Highlights from the GCCA CEO Gathering 2024

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The Thai Cement Manufacturers Association (TCMA) recently pulled off a spectacular feat by hosting the “GCCA CEO Gathering and Leader Conference 2024,” a groundbreaking summit for the cement industry in Thailand, in partnership with the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA). This conference represents a pivotal moment, bringing together efforts from governments, international organizations, and leading cement and concrete producers worldwide. Thailand’s success shone through, not only by attracting global attention but also by securing an innovation and green fund worth CAD 8 million to propel the industry towards a Net Zero Future.

Thailand’s Minister of Industry, H.E. Miss Pimphattra Wichaikul, graced the event with her presence, underscoring its global significance. The conference gathered over 200 CEOs and leaders from some of the world’s preeminent cement and concrete manufacturers in the bustling city of Bangkok.

“The cement and concrete industry’s undeniable importance to both Thailand and the world cannot be overstated. It underpins our modern infrastructure, providing the very foundations of our homes, hospitals, offices, and so much more. Thailand stands as one of the pioneering countries with a credible national roadmap to Net Zero Emission in the cement industry. Innovation, cross-sector collaboration, decisive leadership with clear targets, and international cooperation are key to this success. I commend the cement industry, GCCA, and TCMA for their groundbreaking cooperation and the CAD 8 million green fund from the Government of Canada, facilitated by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). This funding will support essential projects and research aimed at decarbonizing the cement industry in Thailand and across Asia,” expressed Her Excellency Miss Pimphattra Wichaikul.

The conference’s opening was honored by Dr. Nattapol Rangsitpol, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry for Industry. He emphasized how the Ministry of Industry collaborates with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and TCMA to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from industry through effective energy and waste management strategies. This aligns with the National Determined Contribution (NDC) under the Paris Agreement, leveraging the Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) economy model to balance economic, social, and environmental priorities. The initiative ‘SARABURI SANDBOX LOW CARBON CITY’ is a practical example, using hydraulic cement to reduce emissions during production. “Our shared beliefs, collective goals, and aligned approaches make this the right time to take bold steps forward,” remarked Dr. Nattapol.

Dr. Chana Poomee, Chairman of TCMA, spotlighted the triumph of the GCCA 2024 event themed ‘Cement Industry Progress – What’s next for our collective action and future,’ attributing its success to collaborative efforts at all levels—domestic, regional, and global. This synergy between the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Government of Canada, UNIDO, the GCCA network, and TCMA drives the cement and concrete industries towards decarbonization and reducing climate change impacts.

“This initial green fund is a crucial milestone, enhancing TCMA and its members’ capabilities. TCMA is poised to collaborate with all sectors, including UNIDO’s global network of experts, to achieve the Net Zero goal outlined in the Thailand 2050 Net Zero Cement and Concrete Roadmap. This encompasses capacity building, pilot projects, and the implementation of low-carbon technologies,” elaborated Dr. Chana Poomee.

Thomas Guillot, CEO of GCCA, lauded Thailand and TCMA for their exceptional efforts with the “Thailand 2050 Net Zero Cement and Concrete Roadmap,” the first such roadmap globally, aligning with GCCA’s own Net Zero ambitions. With dedicated implementation and ongoing collaboration, both on a domestic and international scale, this roadmap showcases tangible progress.

“Despite our industry’s ardent efforts, challenges remain, particularly concerning policy and procurement if we are to achieve net-zero concrete. The support of organizations through UNIDO is immensely welcome. Only through collective effort can we fulfill our global commitment to net-zero concrete,” emphasized Mr. Guillot.


  1. Alex W June 5, 2024

    This is an excellent initiative by Thailand! It’s about time that the cement industry starts taking concrete steps towards sustainability. Proud of the progress!

    • Sarah K June 5, 2024

      While I agree this is a good move, I wonder how much this ‘green fund’ will actually achieve. Isn’t CAD 8 million quite a modest amount for such a massive industry?

      • EcoWarrior42 June 5, 2024

        You’d be surprised how far innovation can stretch a modest fund when intelligently administered! Plus, this is just the beginning, right?

      • Alex W June 5, 2024

        Exactly, EcoWarrior42. It’s a start. What matters is consistent international support and technological advances in the future. Small steps lead to big changes.

  2. JohnD June 5, 2024

    I feel like this is just greenwashing. The cement industry is one of the biggest polluters globally. How do we know this isn’t just a PR stunt?

    • Jenna T June 5, 2024

      JohnD, it’s understandable to be skeptical, but the involvement of organizations like UNIDO suggests a serious commitment. We should watch and see before passing judgment.

    • Dr. Emily June 5, 2024

      Considering the tangible steps and collaboration showcased, it’s more than a PR stunt. It’s a strategic move towards genuine change.

    • JohnD June 5, 2024

      Dr. Emily, I’ll believe it when I see actual reductions in CO2 emissions. Until then, it’s all talk.

  3. Thinker123 June 5, 2024

    It’s quite ambitious for Thailand to aim for Net Zero in the cement industry by 2050. Are there other countries with similar initiatives?

    • Maggie L June 5, 2024

      Thinker123, the EU has several countries working towards net-zero targets for various industries, including cement. The key is in collaborative international efforts.

    • Stefan June 5, 2024

      True, Maggie L. However, without global regulatory frameworks, these efforts might lag. Countries like the US and China need to step up too.

  4. GreenThumb June 5, 2024

    I’m more concerned about the environmental impact of the cement industry in developing countries. How will this initiative ensure equity?

    • Tony June 5, 2024

      GreenThumb, equitable distribution of technology and funding is crucial. Hopefully, this initiative by Thailand sets a template for others.

    • Eleanor June 5, 2024

      Tony, exactly. Mutual support and fair policies can help developing countries adopt these changes too.

  5. Sophie M. June 5, 2024

    Does anyone know the specifics of what the innovation and green fund will target? It’s great to see such huge emphasis on sustainability!

    • Tom H June 5, 2024

      The fund will probably be used for research and pilot projects on low-carbon technologies. This includes alternative materials and more efficient production processes.

    • Sophie M. June 5, 2024

      Thanks, Tom H! I hope they focus on innovations that can be easily adopted globally.

  6. 987689 June 5, 2024

    So much talk about net zero! What if the industry can’t meet these goals? Isn’t the timeline too optimistic?

    • Chris June 5, 2024

      987689, ambitious goals often drive innovation. Even if they don’t meet the exact timeline, any progress is better than none.

    • Lisa June 5, 2024

      Exactly, Chris. We need to push boundaries to find out what’s truly achievable.

  7. Farid June 5, 2024

    I love seeing collective action on such a scale. When countries unite with common goals, it gives me hope for the future.

  8. geomama June 5, 2024

    Wonder if these measures will affect cement prices. End users might end up bearing the costs of these green technologies.

    • George P. June 5, 2024

      geomama, good point. However, long-term savings and benefits from environmental protection might offset any initial price hikes.

    • Laura S June 5, 2024

      George P. True, but companies need to be transparent and cushion the cost impact on consumers as much as possible.

  9. Camilo June 5, 2024

    I wish more industries would follow this lead. The construction sector has such a huge environmental footprint.

  10. Jane June 5, 2024

    Thailand’s leadership is commendable! Does anyone know if the SASABURI SANDBOX initiative has shown any results yet?

    • Mike375 June 5, 2024

      Jane, it’s still relatively new, but early reports suggest emission reductions are on track. It’s a promising start.

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