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Thailand’s New Traffic Solution: Nonthaburi to Nakhon Pathom’s 6.12 Billion Baht Six-Lane Road Project

Imagine, if you will, the bustling streets and highways around the Nonthaburi and Nakhon Pathom regions, where the symphony of engines and horns often reach a crescendo during peak hours, signaling the familiar tune of progress paired with congestion. But change is just around the bend, thanks to the visionary folks at the Department of Highways. They’re mapping out an infrastructural masterpiece—a brand-new road poised to be the much-needed antidote to the perennial traffic woes and a catalyst for urban expansion.

The blueprint envisions an expansive six-lane artery, arching across a 6.5-kilometre expanse, which promises to be the veritable lifeline for the area. The road will weave through the tapestry of four districts spanning Nonthaburi into the heart of Nakhon Pathom. Sarawut Songsivilai, the department’s esteemed director-general, outlined the contours of this ambitious project with the fervor of an explorer charting a new frontier.

The road doesn’t come without its price tag—a hefty 6.12 billion baht sum. Peel back that figure and you’ll find 4.31 billion baht laser-focused on road construction, while the remainder is earmarked for a real estate ballet—the acquisition of 352 plots, encompassing a lush expanse of 355 rai. Picture it: land parcels, like pieces of an intricate puzzle, waiting to be set into place to create a path that would be nothing short of transformative.

From Bang Yai to Bang Bua Thong, and all the way to Buddha Monthon—347 plots in Nonthaburi prepare to transform into tarmac, while a quintet of properties in Nakhon Pathom joins the dance. And yes, about 71 homesteads will perform their final curtain call to make way for progress.

The department, not one for hasty improvisation, has meticulously surveyed the site, conducting its symphony of feasibility studies with the precision of a maestro. This planned route, serving as a nexus between Phutthamonthon Sai 4 Road—our beloved Highway No. 3310—and the trailblazing Bang Yai-Kanchanaburi Motorway or Motorway No.81, is all set to undergo its environmental impact assessment; a rite of passage that is forecasted to triumph later this year.

Once the environmental crescendo has been reached with the EIA’s blessing, the land expropriation will commence like a well-rehearsed production, setting the stage for construction to kick off in 2027. Imagine: by 2030, we’ll be able to cruise on this ribbon of opportunity, easing traffic burdens and unlocking the potential of vast urban landscapes.

The journey begins where the iconic Salaya Clock Tower stands at the crossroads with Highway No. 4006, descending southward, cutting across the melodies of the southern railway, and harmoniously bridging the Maha Sawat and Nara Phirom canals. It will continue its stride, intersecting with Highway No. 1011, and further on to marry the Nakhon In Road with Salaya Road, glide over the Bang Yai canal, before finally, it joins hands with Highway No. 1009.

As this exciting concerto reaches its finale, the ultimate connection with Motorway No. 81 awaits—a testament to thoughtful planning, determination, and the promise of a road that not only unifies districts but also brings with it the hope of a smoother, swifter and more serene travel experience for all.

Prepare to embark on this new journey, where every turn is a step towards an easier, more vibrant future. Until then, let us keep keen eyes on the horizon, for the road ahead is not just a thoroughfare—it’s a preamble to a new chapter of connectivity and growth.

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