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Thailand’s Secret Plan to Dominate AI: Shocking Details Revealed!

In an effort to promote artificial intelligence (AI) development in Thailand, Nectec executive director Chai Wutitiwatchai has revealed plans to provide affordable space and essential tools for local engineers and developers. Speaking to The Nation, Chai emphasized the significance of AI in transforming Thailand into a digital society and making existing technologies more intelligent in their interactions with humans.

Chai acknowledged that while Thailand’s infrastructure, such as electricity systems, internet access, 5G networks, cloud services, and data centers are prepared for the country’s shift towards a digital economy, there are still some shortcomings. These areas of improvement include skilled AI engineers, integrated data sharing, and locally developed technologies. “We are now overly reliant on international technologies. This is extremely dangerous in terms of both economic stability and national security,” Chai warned.

To address this situation, Nectec is collaborating with educational institutions and has established a platform called AI Thailand. This national program aims to prepare the necessary infrastructure for AI development in the country, fostering economic growth and boosting competitiveness. “We [Nectec] want to be a jumping-off point for any Thais interested in developing their own AI or deep tech. We also want to be the intermediary between small startups and large corporations so that they can move forward together,” Chai said.

The AI Thailand program will provide AI infrastructure such as a Government Data Centre and Cloud service, AI tools like supercomputers, and an AI platform for developers to scale up their projects. Additionally, as a national AI expert, Nectec seeks to assist all government agencies in adopting AI technology, allowing them to be fully recognized as digital governments with digital services.

Chai envisions the public sector becoming a business opportunity for the private sector and vice versa, with the private sector being the driving force behind digital services. He predicted that by 2027, Thailand would have an effective ecosystem for developing and applying AI, which would benefit the economy and improve the country’s quality of life.

Nectec is a statutory government organization reporting to the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation’s National Science and Technology Development Agency. Its mission is to connect AI technology and deep tech with the public sector and provide fundamental tools for Thai AI developers, ultimately allowing Thailand to become more self-reliant in this field.

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