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Shocking Revelation: Thailand’s Secret Plan to Dominate AI and Transform Society!

Empowering Thailand’s AI Innovations

Nectec executive director Chai Wutitiwatchai has revealed their intention to support Thai engineers and developers in the artificial intelligence (AI) field. The goal is to provide affordable resources and essential tools to encourage local technological advancements in AI. The initiative will also play a crucial role in transitioning all public departments and related agencies into digital service providers, as outlined by the government.

Chai explains that AI is needed for Thailand to become a truly digital society. By making existing technologies more intelligent in their interactions with humans, AI has the potential to improve many aspects of life in the country.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite the readiness of the nation’s current infrastructure – such as electricity, internet access, 5G networks, cloud services, and data centers – to support the digital transformation, Thailand still has some hurdles to overcome. Chai identifies the lack of skilled AI engineers, integrated data sharing, and domestic technologies as key challenges for the country.

Chai stresses the risks of relying too heavily on international technologies, which can pose threats to both economic stability and national security.

AI Thailand Program

To address these concerns, Nectec has established a platform called AI Thailand. This national program aims to prepare the necessary infrastructure for AI development in Thailand, promoting economic growth and increasing competitiveness.

Chai envisions Nectec as a launchpad for Thai innovators in AI and deep tech, as well as a bridge between small startups and large corporations, allowing them to collaborate effectively.

Providing AI Infrastructure

The AI Thailand program will offer key AI infrastructure, including a Government Data Centre and Cloud service, AI tools (such as a supercomputer), and an AI platform for developers to scale up their projects.

As a national AI expert, Nectec plans to help government agencies implement AI technology in order to establish a comprehensive digital government with robust digital services.

Nectec anticipates that the public and private sectors will increasingly become intertwined in the pursuit of digital advancement.

A Bright Future for AI in Thailand

By 2027, Chai envisions an effective ecosystem for the development and application of AI in Thailand, which has been demonstrated to stimulate economic growth and enhance the country’s quality of life.

Nectec, a statutory government organization, is a part of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation’s National Science and Technology Development Agency. Its mission is to facilitate AI technology and deep tech integration with the public sector and provide foundational tools for Thai AI developers, ultimately promoting self-reliance within Thailand.

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