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Thaksin Shinawatra’s Legal Drama: Indictment Delayed as Political Thriller Unfolds

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Imagine this: a scene right out of a movie, where the suspense is thick in the air. Centre stage is none other than former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, making a grand entrance at the Office of the Attorney-General, but here’s the twist – he’s in a wheelchair. What sounds like a scene set on Feb 19 has all the makings of a political thriller, with the photo to prove it.

But just when you thought things couldn’t get more gripping, the plot thickens. The Attorney-General, in a move that could rival any cliffhanger, decides to delay the indictment decision about Thaksin Shinawatra’s alleged lese majeste until May 29. Why, you ask? The anticipation was palpable until it was revealed that our guardians of the law were awaiting an additional interrogation report from the police.

Deputy spokesman, Prayut Phetcharakhun, became the bearer of this news on a Wednesday morning that promised developments but delivered suspense instead. He highlighted that the Attorney-General, Amnat Chetcharoenrak, had to hit the pause button because the police interrogators played the “incomplete homework” card, having not submitted a full report to the Office of the Attorney-General.

In an intriguing twist, it was revealed that the Attorney-General called for more questioning, not just because of professional duty but because Thaksin himself threw in a request for fair treatment. Could the plot be any more convoluted and captivating?

A snippet of information arrived at the OAG’s doorstep on Tuesday, but like a jigsaw puzzle missing its final piece, it just wasn’t enough for the Attorney-General to make a decisive move. Adding to the suspense, Thaksin didn’t just sit back in his wheelchair; he played an active hand by sending his representative to the OAG on Wednesday.

As for Thaksin, our protagonist found himself under the judicial spotlight after being paroled on Feb 18. The Technology Crime Suppression Division eyed the lese majeste case closely, granting him temporary freedom from the confines of legal scrutiny.

The origins of this high-stakes drama trace back to an interview in Seoul, South Korea, on a day like any other, May 21, 2015. Thaksin, then a fugitive, made comments that allegedly ruffled the feathers of the monarchy.

Flash forward to Sept 19, 2016, and the plot somersaults as then Attorney-General Pongniwat Yuthapanboripan decides that Thaksin’s movie must go on, choosing to indict him. Not just content with this decision, he also directed the police to obtain an arrest warrant from the Criminal Court, which they did, adding more layers to this labyrinthine saga.

On Jan 17 of this year, Thaksin found himself face to face with the public prosecutors and police, who briefed him on the charges of lese majeste and related computer crimes. True to the spirit of a protagonist in a political drama, Thaksin denied the charges, staking his claim for fair treatment.

The ancient proverb “Let the cat out of the bag” doesn’t even begin to cover the fallout from Thaksin’s 2015 interview with Chosun Ilbo in Seoul. There, he dropped the bombshell that privy councillors supported the coup on May 22, 2014, that dethroned Yingluck Shinawatra, his sister, catapulting the political drama onto social media platforms and into the heart of Thai society.

Charges of violating the lese majeste law and the computer crime law loom over Thaksin, a backdrop of legal jeopardy promising 3 to 15 years in the shadow of the prison walls for each offense. This, dear readers, is where our chapter ends, but the story of Thaksin Shinawatra is far from over. Stay tuned for the next installment in this saga that intertwines law, politics, and personal liberty.


  1. SarahJ April 10, 2024

    Honestly, the whole Thaksin saga feels like it’s being dragged out for political theatrics more than justice. The delay just adds another layer of mystery and manipulation.

    • BangkokBill April 10, 2024

      Couldn’t agree more, SarahJ. It’s all a show to keep the public’s attention away from the real issues. Political theater at its finest.

      • TruthSpeaker April 10, 2024

        Exactly! It’s a distraction tactic. But we should ask ourselves, what are they trying to distract us from?

      • SarahJ April 10, 2024

        That’s the million-dollar question, TruthSpeaker. With everything going on, it’s hard to pinpoint, but I’d wager it’s the economic issues and government mismanagement.

    • HistoryBuff April 10, 2024

      I think you’re oversimplifying the issue. Thaksin’s history and actions have real consequences. It’s not just about politics; it’s about accountability.

      • SarahJ April 10, 2024

        Fair point, HistoryBuff. Accountability is crucial, but don’t you think the process seems overly theatrical and prolonged?

  2. LegalEagle101 April 10, 2024

    Delaying the indictment doesn’t necessarily mean manipulation. The legal system requires thorough examination and due process, something many people seem to forget.

    • QuickThinker April 10, 2024

      In theory, you’re right. But considering Thaksin’s profile and the historical context, it’s hard not to see this as part of a broader political strategy.

  3. FreshView April 10, 2024

    The whole lese majeste law is too often used as a weapon against political rivals. Whether you support Thaksin or not, it’s hard to ignore the pattern.

    • Patriot_Thai April 10, 2024

      The law protects the sanctity of the monarchy, which is a cornerstone of Thai society. It’s not about politics; it’s about respect and tradition.

      • ModernMind April 10, 2024

        Traditions evolve, Patriot_Thai. Laws should protect freedom of speech to some extent, not suppress differing opinions under the guise of protection.

  4. CuriousKid April 10, 2024

    Why is this drama still going on? Like, isn’t it super old news? Why can’t everyone just move on?

    • SiamSage April 10, 2024

      It’s because the roots of the issues go deep, CuriousKid. Not just politics, but also law, history, and societal norms. It’s complex and can’t be simply ‘moved on’ from.

      • RoundTable April 10, 2024

        Adding to SiamSage, it also involves the confrontation between reformist and traditionalist forces within Thailand. It’s not just about one person.

    • Educator April 10, 2024

      Also, understanding our history, including the ongoing political dramas, is crucial for learning and ensuring we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past.

  5. WorldWatcher April 10, 2024

    Seeing Thaksin in a wheelchair and still in the midst of legal battles is a strong image. It shows that power and influence can only protect you to a certain extent.

    • PoliticalGuru April 10, 2024

      True, but don’t underestimate Thaksin. He’s been down before and has a way of making comebacks. This could be another strategic move in his long game.

      • Cynic22 April 10, 2024

        Strategic or not, it’s a sad state of affairs when legal systems and illnesses are speculated to be part of political maneuvering. Shows the level of distrust in the system.

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