Taopiphop was charged with making craft beer without a license in 2017. He suggested that he run for Parliament and immediately modify the law. The 33-year-old gentleman has kept his word. The Progressive Liquor Bill, which allows municipal governments to convert agricultural goods into alcoholic beverages, could be viewed as a step toward economic equality. The passage of these two acts will signal to the rest of the world that Thailand is on the right route. 23 Democrats, 9 Bhumjaithai MPs, and two Palang Pracharath Party MPs voted in favor of the bill. According to Pita Limjaroenrat, leader of the Move Forward party, if passed into law, the proposal, combined with the Marriage Equality Bill, will pave the way for positive improvements in Thailand.

Following the vote, the bill’s proponent, Taopiphop Limjittrakorn, was applauded by a big crowd. The significant legislation aims to break the monopoly of corporate brewers and give small-scale brewers and entrepreneurs a chance. In February, the government rejected it for the first time. It passed first reading by a vote of 178 to 137, with 15 abstentions, last night.

A 25-member committee will evaluate the bill over the next seven days before resubmitting it to the House of Representatives for a second and final reading. The Progressive Liquor Bill, sponsored by the Move Forward Party, received its first reading in the Lower House this night, taking the fight against corporate Thai brewing behemoths in the liquor industry one step closer.

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