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The Mae Sot district has been recommended as the location for Thailand’s first official casino

Apart from infrastructure, Thepthai stated that lawful entertainment complexes would be welcomed by communities. Residents want the area to flourish at the same rate as Myawaddy, Myanmar, where many Chinese investors run casinos, according to him. Land is rare in this area, and land is expensive. According to Thepthai, the entertainment complex would require 1,000 to 2,000 acres, and because the vast majority of the land is owned by the Treasury Department, it is unlikely to be sold to a private company. Additionally, because many of the workers in the Mae Sot district are from neighboring nations, the area would require skill development institutes to train Thai personnel in casino service in order for the business to succeed. The findings of the report, on the other hand, were not entirely positive. Mae Sot is said to have three major issues, according to Thepthai.

The government’s tax collection is also a source of concern. According to Thepthai, the government would have to provide tax benefits to local businesses in order for the entertainment complex and casino to operate. A cross-border logistic crossing, immigration checkpoint, airport, transportation infrastructure, and the proposed double-track railway from Tak in the north to Nakhon Pathom province in central Thailand, according to the former Democrat MP for Nakhon Si Thammarat. One of the committee members, Thepthai Saenpong, stated that he had received reports from the government of Chiang Rai, business associations, and the Thai Chamber of Commerce, and that Mae Sot was better prepared than other provinces.

Last weekend, members of the Entertainment Complex Committee met with local officials in Mae Sot, a district near the Thai-Myanmar border, to discuss economic development potential. Mae Sot district in Tak’s northern province has been nominated by the government’s Entertainment Complex Committee as a viable location for Thailand’s first legal entertainment complex, which would include a casino. The committee claims to have gathered all of the survey’s positive and negative data and is ready to present its results to Thailand’s cabinet. The committee also talked about the challenges of investing in a legal entertainment complex, as well as how to prevent illegal gambling and collect taxes from casino owners.

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