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Thitikorn Boontongmai Leads Crusade Against PFAS in Thailand: A Call for a Healthier Future

In a dazzling crusade for a greener, healthier world, a group of spirited activists is calling upon the powers that be to declare a full-scale ban on a sneaky villain hidden among our clothes and daily goods. This scourge? The notorious Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS), chemicals that, much like uninvited party crashers, have a knack for sticking around far longer than welcome—in this case, in our environment and, alarmingly, in our bodies.

Thitikorn Boontongmai, the forward-thinking planning manager at Ecological Alert and Recovery-Thailand (Earth), is leading the charge alongside the valiant Foundation for Consumers. Together, they’re shining a spotlight on the lurking dangers of PFAS, chemicals that have already been given the cold shoulder by many countries due to their unenviable rap sheet: diminishing human fertility, disrupting infant growth, and stubbornly persisting in Mother Nature’s realms like an unwashable stain.

In an intrepid investigation, worthy of a detective novel, Earth joined forces with the International Pollutants Elimination Network (Ipen) to unravel the textile industry’s dirty laundry. This global probe spanned 13 countries, including Thailand, and put the spotlight on everything from stylish jackets to comfy undies produced between 2021 and 2023. What they found was a plot twist—over half of the apparel donned traces of PFAS, attributed to their water and oil-repellant abilities.

Diving deeper, Earth’s own expedition into the retail jungle uncovered that all six jackets they plucked from various haunts bore the chemical mark. But their curiosity didn’t stop there—since 2013, Earth has been peeking under the fabric of underwear, revealing an uncomfortable truth: our most intimate garbs are not spared from these harmful interlopers.

“PFAS might not be household names among the Thai populace yet, but it’s time they were,” declared Mr. Thitikorn, his voice heavy with the urgency of the mission. “We’re not just fighting for abstract concepts of health and environmental protection. We’re battling for the safety of our families, the purity of our waters, and the legacy of our planet.”

In a bold call to arms, Tasanee Nan-udon, deputy director of the Foundation for Consumers, highlighted the disturbing fact that our youngest and most vulnerable—infants and children—are swaddled and dressed in fabrics tainted with PFAS. The plea from these eco-warriors is crystal clear: It’s time for the government to outlaw these insidious chemicals and foster a transition to safer alternatives.

The road ahead may be fraught with challenges—and possibly a need for economic buoyancy aids to help businesses adapt—but Thitikorn, Tasanee, and their allies stand resolute. With the health of consumers, the welfare of the environment, and the innocence of future generations hanging in the balance, the banishment of PFAS from our lives is not just a campaign—it’s a crusade for a brighter, cleaner world.

So as the battle drums sound, remember that every shirt you wear, every jacket you button up, has a story—a story that, with the right choices, could have a happy, healthier ending. The question is, are we ready to turn the page on PFAS and start writing that future together?

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