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Today, a cannabis bill will be urgently considered by the House

Since legalization, tens of thousands of large corporations and hundreds of small firms have sold cannabis- and hemp-based products. Family farms may cultivate cannabis on up to 15 rai for use as fiber, stems, and roots. In November, an additional cannabis expo will be held at Chang International Circuit in Buri Ram. Personal cultivation of up to 15 plants per home would be permitted. The Herbal Product Act permits hospitals to grow medical cannabis under this new legislation. For the new proposed legislation, the Kratom Plant Act, the Tobacco Product Control Act, and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act serve as models. If the Cannabis and Hemp Bill were to pass, the laws would become legal. According to him, senators and legislators are compelled to consider and adopt cannabis policy. He asserts that public awareness campaigns have educated folks and helped to eliminate the chemical in question. The bill will make it illegal to cultivate and use the plant in the kingdom by incorporating the most effective provisions from existing applicable laws.

Today, the House committee will propose the Cannabis and Hemp Bill, with a response expected by September 19. Since cannabis was decriminalized in June, there have been horrifying reports of its use, but a spokesperson argues that current data suggests a downward trend for cannabis-related hospital patients. The mayor of Central Pattaya encouraged the cannabis festival. Today, the Thai House of Representatives will be presented with a law governing the decriminalization of marijuana. Although there are issues in the deployment of cannabis, there are now more safety safeguards than when kratom was legalized a year ago.

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