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Tourism in Thailand may fall next year

Tourism industry professionals are concerned that the current rush of tourists to Thailand may be due to pent-up desire. If this is the case, then by the time next year rolls around, everyone who waited through the epidemic in order to enjoy a vacation in Thailand will have already booked their trips.

According to the TAT, this amount may be boosted to around 77,000 baht with the use of government incentives, most notably the availability of extended stays. Countries or territories that are exempt from Thai visa requirements currently receive a 45-day stamp instead of a 30-day stamp upon entering the nation. The extended stay program is expected to continue until at least March 2023. Phuket has already accumulated data indicating that European tourists are scheduling longer stays than in past years, most likely due to the new 45-day stamp. For the year 2022, it was determined that 10 million people will arrive from various regions of the globe by the end of the year. Now, Thailand is on course to reach this target, with the 10 millionth people expected to arrive on December 10. In commemoration of the anniversary, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will host “Amazing Thailand 10 Million Celebrations” on December 10 at all of the country’s ports of entry. The authorities continue to target 20 million international and domestic tourists for Thailand in 2019, which would produce a total of 2,300 billion baht from domestic and international tourism. Depending on the current state of Chinese tourism, achieving this objective may be easier or more difficult than anticipated. There are speculations that travel restrictions will be loosened by the month of March, especially after the official visit of President Xi Jinping to Thailand generated a large number of online comments from Chinese citizens expressing their desire to visit the kingdom of Thailand. However, the governor of the TAT has emphasized that the agency’s principal priority would be on expanding into other markets so that it is not dependent on Chinese tourists. However, they will closely monitor the situation for Chinese tourists in order to be ready once the crossings have been fully reopened. “The most essential thing we can do for the Chinese market is to maintain a positive image of Thailand and to delay enabling Chinese tourists to visit until they are permitted to do so.” For the time being, we will have to concentrate on expanding into other markets to compensate for the decline in business in China. Despite contrasting optimistic forecasts, the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) has issued a warning that the tourism industry in Thailand may see a severe downturn in the following year. Governor Yuthasak Supasorn of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) indicated that people were not permitted to travel or enjoy vacations for nearly three years owing to limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As soon as Thailand’s borders were reopened, an influx of overly eager tourists descended upon the country. And considering that all limitations were released in the previous month, a large number of anxious travelers booked their vacations to arrive during this High Season. However, the governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand is concerned that all of these people will return home by the beginning of March, causing a large fall in tourism in Thailand as a result of the forces returning to equilibrium. When the hard reality of the global recession, excessive inflation, sky-high plane ticket prices, and other travel expenditures sink in, potential vacationers will be compelled to postpone or even cancel their travels. However, Thai authorities are optimistic that the country’s tourism revenue will continue to increase in the future year. Previously, it was estimated that visitors would spend a total of 1.5 trillion baht this year, but that estimate has since been reduced to 1.3 trillion baht. The average cost of a trip to Thailand for tourists from foreign countries is approximately 60,000 baht.

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