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Unbelievable Green Revolution: Thai Homes Adopt Solar Energy with Zero Investment – A Free Ride to Sustainability!

Steering a course into the future, the world is witnessing a transformative shift in energy paradigms. Universal concordance thrums through civil society and the energy industry; clean energy is paramount to fulfilling escalating global energy needs and combatting environmental afflictions. As we concluded 2022, over 50 nations and territories across the globe emerged with their individually tailored carbon neutrality objectives. Emerging as a frontrunner in the ASEAN region, Thailand spearheads with its commitment to the Carbon Neutrality 2050 roadmap and Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) Economy Model.

With an ambitious yet achievable target of reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions on or before 2065, Thailand heralds the dawn of solar-powered households as a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle alternative. Solar energy, a renewable and budget-friendly power source, plays an indispensable role in curbing the wrath of greenhouse gas emissions on our planet. It is instrumental in mitigating the catastrophic consequences of climate change, thereby safeguarding the wellbeing of human beings and ecosystems.

In consort with this noble objective, Huawei Thailand stands committed to advocating for digital-powered sustainability via its innovative solar roof solutions. Enriching this initiative, it has colluded with ICBC (Thai) Leasing to unfurl the ‘Zero Investment, Let the Sun Pay for You’ program – an endeavor aimed at endorsing the adoption of cost-effective solar rooftop solutions among Thai residents.

Mr. Xiaobo Li, high-ranking functionary of ICBC (Thai) Leasing, underscores the vitality of this alliance with Huawei. A quick study of market tendencies reveals a surging tide of Thai households gravitating towards solar rooftops to trim electricity expenditure.

A staunch supporter of Thailand’s green and sustainable future vision, Huawei melds digital with power electronics technology, thereby igniting an energy revolution. Mr. David Li, CEO of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., sheds light on their join campaign with ICBC (Thai) Leasing. This venture aims to disintegrate the prevalent myth tethering high costs to solar rooftops, thus paving the path towards a green and sustainable future for Thailand.

The ‘Zero Investment, Let the Sun Pay for You’ program offers Thai homeowners a golden opportunity. With a modest down payment of 16,900 THB and an extended payment period of up to seven years, this program is a charm. Post-installation, the amount saved on electricity bills shall counterbalance monthly installments. In effect, this implies that homeowners gain access to solar systems within approximately a mere five years, sans any extra investment. The central tenet of this program revolves around making green energy a widespread phenomenon among Thai citizens.

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