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Undecided Voters’ Power: Political Parties Desperate for a Breakthrough in Nation Poll’s Shocking Results!

The Nation Group recently conducted a comprehensive survey, collecting opinions from 39,687 participants across Bangkok’s 33 constituencies and eight regional zones during the second week of April. The survey delved into various topics, such as preferred political parties, prime ministerial candidates, and preferences for constituency and party-list MP candidates.

Kriengsak Chareonwongsak, a distinguished professor and president of the Nation-Building Institute, expressed his views on the methodology employed for the survey. “I have always been skeptical of opinion polls conducted via telephone, as they often rely on data collected from prior polls to cut costs. This leads to sample groups that lack sufficient breadth and diversity,” said Kriengsak on Friday.

Well-regarded for his expertise, Kriengsak is not only a lecturer at several esteemed universities but also a former Democrat MP. He emphasized the need for surveyors to physically approach respondents at their doorstep in order to gather genuine opinions. This method facilitates a genuinely random, varied, and dispersed sampling across the target area. “I’m glad that Nation Poll opted for this approach in data collection. Although it is more costly and time-intensive, it ensures higher accuracy levels, with an acceptable deviation of 3-5%,” he added.

According to Kriengsak, another advantage of face-to-face questioning is that surveyors can provide respondents with a clear understanding of the question and obtain more precise responses.

The Nation Poll’s findings revealed that nearly a quarter of the respondents were still undecided about their voting choice for the upcoming May 14 election. “This key finding illustrates the importance for political parties to focus their efforts on attracting this undecided group by presenting compelling, well-defined policies,” Kriengsak said.

In collaboration with top university academics, experts, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector, The Nation Group is conducting two comprehensive surveys under the umbrella of the “Road to the Future: Election 2023 Thailand’s Future” theme. The initial survey took place from April 7 to 12, while the second round is scheduled for the last week of April. This initiative demonstrates The Nation Group’s commitment to providing individuals with engaging, informative, and data-driven insights on the upcoming election and the future of Thailand.

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