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Unprecedented Election Poll Shocker: A Whopping 25% of Thai Voters Still Undecided!

In the second week of April, a thorough survey was conducted by The Nation Group, collecting opinions from 39,687 voters across eight regional zones and 33 constituencies in Bangkok. This comprehensive survey addressed various topics, such as the respondents’ preferred political party, prime minister candidates, and both constituency and party-list MP candidates.

Kriengsak, a renowned professor and president of the Nation-Building Institute, offered his insights on the survey process on Friday. He expressed skepticism over the reliability of opinion surveys conducted through telephones, as pollsters often rely on data from previous polls to cut costs. According to Kriengsak, this practice results in sample groups that lack the necessary diversity and breadth.

He emphasized the importance of a methodology that involves reaching respondents directly at their homes, ensuring that the sample is truly random, diverse, and distributed across the target area. Kriengsak praised Nation Poll’s choice to adopt such a method, as it promises superior accuracy despite being more expensive and time-consuming. The deviation range for these surveys is a mere 3-5%, making it an acceptable level for accuracy.

In addition to better accuracy, Kriengsak pointed out the advantage of face-to-face questioning, as surveyors can clarify questions to respondents and obtain a more transparent response.

One noteworthy finding of the Nation Poll is that approximately one-fourth of the respondents are still unsure about who to vote for in the upcoming May 14 election. Kriengsak referred to this as a “key finding,” stating that political parties must focus on this undecided group and persuade them with more explicit, standout policies.

The Nation Group is collaborating with leading university academics, experts, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector to carry out two extensive surveys under the overarching theme of “Road to the Future: Election 2023 Thailand’s Future.”

The first round of surveys took place from April 7 to 12, while the second round is scheduled for the last week of April. Through these comprehensive surveys, The Nation Group aims to provide invaluable data and insights to help shape Thailand’s political future and contribute to the growth and development of the nation.

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