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Unexpected Game Changer: Thai Tourism Transformed Overnight by New Speed Boat Service – Say Goodbye to Expensive Private Boats Forever!

Imagine travelling from the picturesque mainland of Trang, situated along the crystal-clear waters of the Andaman Sea, to the mesmerizing islands dotting its coastline. Until now, you would have been required to fork out hefty sums for a ride in a charming long-tail boat or a sleek speedboat. However, the recent announcement from Satun Pakbara Speed Boat Club Co Ltd is sure to bring a smile to the faces of budget-conscious travellers worldwide.

Starting November 1, the company, managing director, Samart Charoenrit, reveals, will be providing consistent speed-boat service to the crown jewels of Trang’s tourism– the islands Ngai, Kradan, and Muk. The decision stems from the encouraging flourish of tourists flocking the region, thanks to the visa exemptions offered to visitors hailing from Kazakhstan and China in the government’s newest policy.

“A favourable climate is on the horizon for the tourism industry. Our new route is designed to facilitate the exploration of Trang’s marine splendour,” remarks Samart, who is also the president of the Satun Provincial Tourism Council.

The incredible journey kicks off at Pak Meng Harbour, nestled in Trang’s Sikao district. The speedboat tosses over the gently rolling waves to make calculated stops at Koh Ngai, Koh Kradan, and Koh Muk– the treasure troves of scenic beauty. Upon conclusion of the island visits, the boat retraces its course, vaulting the tourists back to the harbour.

Accommodating up to 35 passengers, the speedboat employed for the new route promises to provide comfortable, hassle-free commutes. Samart highlighted the current lack of scheduled speedboat services from mainland Trang to its islands, compelling tourists to rent expensive private boats– an issue this new service hopes to resolve.

According to tourism operator, Somchai Thaewkaew from Trang, a simple boat trip from the mainland to Koh Kradan could wear your wallet thin by 2,000-2,500 baht, and soaring up to 8,000-12,000 baht if you dare venture in a speed boat. A sole journey on the conventional tour boat could cost around 500 baht per passenger. However, the scheduled speed-boat services launching next month are set to be the game changer, promising significant savings, especially for tourists yearning to drift from one island to another.

Trang’s tantalizing speed-boat service details, including the schedule and fare breakdown, were, however, elusive at the moment.

In a riveting turn of events, Satun Pakbara Speed Boat Club is bringing into motion yet another travel revolution– A cyan racing a speedboat armed with a seating capacity of 50. The service due to be unleashed on October 20, would facilitate commutes from the prestigious tourist hotspot of Phuket to the stunning islands of the Andaman Sea (including the enchanting trio of islands from Trang) and onto the gem of Malaysia – Langkawi Island.

From Phuket, the speed boat promptly halts at Phi Phi, Lanta, Ngai, Kradan, Muk, Bulon, and Lipe. The establishment expects the route to be a hit among international tourists, driving the tourism industry of the region to greater heights.

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