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Unimaginable Ordeal! Elderly Man Trapped in Scorching Temple Tank, Incredible Rescue Shocks Thailand!

The heroic act of Satja Phutta Dham Thailand Rescue Team, stationed in Prachin Buri – a province situated in the central region of Thailand – came to light when they saved a septuagenarian local man who had unfortunately fallen into a 3-metre deep empty water tank and remained stuck there for two lengthy, excruciating hours. This incident unfolded yesterday, on the 24th of September, at the sacred grounds of Khao Luk Chang Temple, nestled in the Kabin Buri district of Prachin Buri province.

The elderly victim, identified as Nirun, aged 73, had taken on the responsibility of repairing a leak in the tank. As fate would have it, while he was deeply involved in cleaning the tank to resolve the leaking issue, he lost his footing and fell into the deep recesses of the dry water tank. Unable to get out, he began shouting out for assistance.

As a fortunate twist, the cry for help was heard by a passing monk, who initially struggled to identify where the cry was coming from. On hearing the recurring cries, he recognized it as Nirun’s voice. He immediately understood the dreadful situation – Nirun was trapped inside the water tank. Recognizing the direness of the situation, the monk swiftly alerted the rescue team.

Nirun had begun working on the leak early in the morning, starting at 9am. He was found by the monk at 11am, after struggling alone in the tank for two hours. The absence of water in the tank was compensated by the scorching heat and confined space, making it nearly impossible for Nirun to draw breath, pushing him to the brink of losing consciousness.

The well-equipped rescue team was quick to address the situation. They strategically pushed the tank over, creating an easy escape route, and finally managed to free Nirun through the narrow opening that was just about 35 to 40 centimeters wide. This stressful ordeal had Nirun utterly exhausted, gasping for breath, and even caused him to throw up because of the excessive heat and restricted space.

A nun promptly rushed to his aid, offering him an inhaler and water to provide immediate relief. Once stabilized, he was transported to the local hospital for further medical attention and examination.

The monk who had summoned the rescue team reported that Nirun, despite his age, had been a faithful contributor to the temple, continuously offering his assistance during various ceremonies. He was actively involved in preserving the temple property, executing maintenance, and repair work as needed, and did all this without anticipating any monetary reward. The monk felt it was divine intervention that Nirun’s dedication and service to the temple resulted in his timely rescue.

While an update on Nirun’s health is yet to be received, the incident serves as a testament to the bravery and efficiency of the Satja Phutta Dham Thailand Rescue Team. Keep up-to-date with The Thaiger’s Facebook page for more intriguing stories such as this one.

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