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Unlock Exclusivity with The 1 Day 2024: Shop & Meet Mark Tuan, Presented by Central Group

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Welcome to the event of the year – “The 1 Day,” a glittering celebration orchestrated by The 1 in collaboration with the mighty Central Group, ready to dazzle The 1 members with unmatched extravagance and exclusive privileges! Mark your calendars for a weeklong carnival of shopping ecstasy from May 31st to June 6th, 2024, where every moment promises double delight for The 1 members only. Imagine stepping into a world where you can splurge up to 5,000 baht at Central Retail and get rewarded with cash coupons and discounts of equal value for your next adventure. Picture an elite collection of brand-name delights waiting for you at Member Prices, specially selected for your discerning taste.

Now, hold your breath as we bring your dreams alive with a dash of stardust – a Meet & Greet with the phenomenal Mark Tuan! Yes, you read that right. “The One for The 1 Presented by Central The 1 Credit Card” on June 22nd, 2024, at Earthlab Cinema, SFS World Cinema, will host an unparalleled world-class encounter exclusively for The 1 members. Every 2,500 baht you spend is your ticket to potentially winning a moment with the superstar. The more you indulge, the better your chances, along with an array of privileged offers from our esteemed partners. Dive into “The 1 Day” now via The 1 APP and let this be your gateway to an exclusive rendezvous!

Kawin Tangudtaisak, the visionary Managing Director of The 1, envisions this splendid synergy with Central Group and Central The 1 Credit Card as a gateway to extraordinary privileges and enchanting experiences for The 1 members like never before. This grand affair is not just about shopping; it’s about collecting bespoke experiences, peppered with special prices and magnificent meetings, like the awe-inspiring Mark Tuan event.

Atis Ruchirawat, the distinguished Head of Krungsri Consumer Group and Acting Managing Director at General Card Services Limited, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the Central The 1 Credit Card as a bridge to diverse lifestyles and unparalleled joy. The 2024 edition of “The 1 Day” epitomizes this collaboration’s essence, promising the ultimate blend of shopping delights and exclusive bonuses, especially for Central The 1 Credit Card holders. Don’t miss out on applying now to unleash a world of over 3,000 brands and bespoke privileges, including an elite seating zone at “The One for The 1” extravaganza.

Ready for an over-the-top shopping spree? Spend 5,000 baht at illustrious Central Retail stores and unlock a treasure trove of cash coupons and discounts worth up to 5,000 baht. Participating outlets span from Central Department Store to Tops, and even coveted brands like Muji and Dyson, ensuring your shopping cart is as diverse as it is exquisite. This is your golden ticket to instant rewards at a bevy of prestigious shops.

And for those wielding the mighty Central The 1 Credit Card, prepare to be whisked away on a cloud of bonus points – 2,500 points for a start, and an astonishing 10,000 extra points for new subscribers, not to mention waiver of the first-year fee under specific conditions. This is your passport to exceptional Member Prices on over 360 products across a spectrum of stores waiting just for you.

But that’s not all—scream your heart out for Mark Tuan, and get ready to earn your chance to be up close and personal with the superstar. Whether it’s shopping at Central Group retails, utilizing your Central The 1 Credit Card, or even purchasing The 1 Insure insurance, every transaction inches you closer to securing a coveted spot in “The 1 Zone” or the exclusive Central The 1 Credit Card Zone at the event. And for the ultimate fans, the first 50 to splash 30,000 baht at Central Retail will gain instant access to the Fast Fan Zone, ensuring you’re at the heart of the action.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into “The 1 Day” frenzy, register on The 1 APP, and gear up for the most extraordinary shopping and entertainment bonanza of the year. This is not just an event; it’s a celebration of exclusivity, luxury, and unforgettable moments, all wrapped up in “The 1 Day” banner. Say yes to over-the-top shopping, yes to unparalleled experiences, and a resounding yes to a day with Mark Tuan. See you there!


  1. ShopaholicSam May 27, 2024

    This event sounds like consumerism on steroids. Spending money to potentially meet a celebrity? That’s the epitome of a materialistic society!

    • MarkFan101 May 27, 2024

      It’s not just about spending money, it’s about the experience. Meeting Mark Tuan would be a dream come true for so many fans!

      • EcoWarrior May 27, 2024

        But at what cost to the environment? All those products people buy, just to meet someone famous.

      • ShopaholicSam May 27, 2024

        Valid point, but isn’t it also about choice? People choose to engage in these activities because it brings them joy.

    • BudgetBoss May 27, 2024

      Honestly, it seems like a clever way for Central Group to boost sales. You’re essentially paying twice: once for the products and then again for a slim chance to meet a celebrity.

  2. KawaiiPeach May 27, 2024

    OMG, meeting Mark Tuan would be a dream! Does anyone know the exact odds of winning a meet and greet?

    • DataDiva May 27, 2024

      The odds depend on the number of entries. Given the high ticket price and the popularity of such events, your chances might be slim. But then again, you can’t win if you don’t play!

      • Luckylucy May 27, 2024

        Exactly! You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Plus, even if you don’t win, you still get quality products.

  3. PracticalPete May 27, 2024

    I’m all for exclusive events, but I wish they’d offer more tangible benefits than just celebrity meet and greets. How about lifetime discounts or early access to new products?

    • TrendyTrisha May 27, 2024

      Lifetime discounts sound amazing, but I doubt businesses would see that as sustainable. These events are designed to generate buzz and immediate sales, unfortunately.

  4. MinimalistMike May 27, 2024

    Events like these underscore the problematic aspects of consumer culture. Why do we need more things? To meet a celebrity? It’s time to rethink our priorities.

  5. FashionForwardFiona May 27, 2024

    As much as I love shopping and Mark Tuan, isn’t this just an elaborate advertisement for Central Group? I mean, spend more to maybe meet someone? Seems excessive.

  6. OptimisticOlly May 27, 2024

    I see why people are critical, but events like these also create amazing experiences and memories. Plus, it’s a boon for the economy, right?

    • SkepticalSara May 27, 2024

      It might boost the economy short-term, but what about the long-term effects of promoting such excessive consumerism? There’s a social and environmental cost to consider as well.

  7. HistoryBuff May 27, 2024

    Throughout history, exclusive events have always drawn criticism and fascination. It’s interesting to see how this plays out in the modern era with social media and celebrities involved.

  8. GreenGuru May 27, 2024

    This event could have been an opportunity to promote sustainable products or brands. Instead, it’s just more encouragement for unnecessary consumption.

    • MarkFan101 May 27, 2024

      But can’t these events also highlight sustainable options? Maybe they’ll include eco-friendly brands or products in their lineup.

      • GreenGuru May 27, 2024

        I’d like to believe that, but the event details don’t mention anything about sustainability. It’s all about spending more. We should demand better.

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