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Unmasked: Thai Deputy PM’s Epic Stance Against Corruption & Revolutionary Digital Wallet Push – Corrupt Officials Quaking in Their Boots!

Yesterday marked an important day as Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, Anutin Charnvirakul, led a significant meeting of governors from various provinces around the country. The agenda of the meeting spotlighted the crucial objectives of the Interior Ministry, which primarily encompass loyalty to the highest institutions, enforcing anti-corruption measures, and extending support for Pheu Thai’s innovative 10,000 baht digital wallet initiative.

The meeting, held at the Centara Grand at Central Plaza Lat Phrao in bustling Bangkok, saw active participation from noteworthy individuals such as the deputy interior ministers Songsak Thongsri and Chada Thaiset alongside provincial governors, and high-ranking officials from the ministry.

During the event, Anutin amplified the significance of the digital wallet policy. This unique scheme provides individuals the luxury to purchase goods within a convenient four-kilometre radius from their registered domicile. Anutin encouraged the assembled governors to outline tactical strategies to bolster local production, sparking creativity and economic stimulation.

“The crux of the matter is to alleviate corrupt practices,” emphasised Anutin. He continued, “Recipients of the 10,000 baht digital wallet should be able to enjoy its full benefits. We must ascertain that people, who are 16 years and older, receive the amount in its entirety.”

He raised an alert against potential fraudulent practices, such as third-party organisations offering to exchange the 10,000 baht stored in digital wallets for 3,000 baht in physical cash. Reassuringly, Anutin pledged his continuous support, along with his deputies, standing ready to aid whenever necessary, as reported by the Bangkok Post.

An affable individual, Anutin stated his preference for simplicity during official visits to provinces. “Keep it simple, there is no need for extravagant gestures, fancy restaurant reservations or grand welcoming parties during my visits.”

Encouraging a proactive work ethic, Anutin tasked all governors with hard work and incorruptible integrity. He reinforced the necessity for transparency in official promotions and warned civil servants to be wary of those claiming facilitation in promotions. Speaking against patronage, he affirmed that accomplishment and hard work should be the deciding factor in promotions.

Empowering everyone present, he urged them and their subordinates to report any instances of corruption directly to him, reinforcing the importance of evidence with the suggestion of even sending video proof when possible. Anutin concluded the meeting by advising that state officials within the ministry should stay updated with new technologies and trends, such as the digital wallet, for the ultimate benefit of the Thai citizenry.

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