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Unseen Danger Explodes: Artillery Shell in Scrap Metal Creates Terrifying Afternoon for Thai Villagers!

Shrouded in an unsuspecting and typically serene scene of Kanchanaburi province, a shocking event disturbed the tranquil Mid-afternoon. From the most unsuspecting of places, a bag of scrap metal, an artillery shell exploded. This brutal blast immediately upended the day, leaving three individuals in a frantic state, including a 29-year-old scrap buyer, her partner, and a 66-year-old homeowner.

In the heart of Phanom Thuan, a pocket of Kanchanaburi, within a humble house in the vicinity of Moo 17, Nong Rong, this unexpected detonation took the three victims by surprise. Following the blow, 66-year-old homeowner, Sanit, was quite shook, the explosion had left him with facial swelling and hurts to his right foot. Two scrap metal buyers became other victims in this shocking incident. The 29-year-old womanYupin suffered multiple shrapnel injuries along with a severed pinky finger, and her partner, 33-year-old Kraisorn, sustained gruesome harm to his left arm.

Upon receiving the alarming news, emergency services sprang into action. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) from the well-regarded 13th Military Circle at Phra Phutthayotfa Camp, along with the hardworking Moolrattanawut Rescue Foundation, swiftly arrived at the scene. They clocked in, providing initial medical help before hastening the victims to the hospital, as reported by KhaoSod.

According to Yupin’s elder sister, Rungreung, the pair typically sourced scrap metal from Tha Kradan area, nestled within the Sri Sawat district. However, their path deviated to the Nong Rong area on this daunting day. In a conversation with her sister later, Yupin recounted the harrowing ordeal. She unwittingly came across an artillery shell mixed in their recently procured scrap metal, which set off the alarming detonation.

Post the incident, the EOD team discovered three to four unexploded shells scattered amidst the debris. The startled homeowner, Sanit, explained to the authorities about the presence of these shells. They were unwittingly picked up from a training ground known locally as Khao Yai, a usual haunt for such abandoned shells. But, this incident of sudden explosion was an unexpected deviation from the course.

The quick response by authorities involved cordoning off the area and safely disposing of remaining explosives, avoiding any further catastrophe.

In reaction to this event, the team issued a firm advisement to locals. This concerned the unwise and common practice of picking up such artillery shells from the training ground to sell by the kilogramme. While these artillery shells may appear harmless and useful, they carry an unpredictable risk of detonation often causing life-threatening situations. The team suggested reporting any suspected shells to the police or local leaders, who would then liaise with the EOD team for safe removal and disposal of the dangerous weapon.

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