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Unseen Triumph: Thailand’s Hidden Jewel Songkhla on a Heart-Stopping Quest for Unesco World Heritage Recognition!

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Nestled in the southern region lies the provincial administrative organisation (PAO) and civil society of Songkhla. As the heart of this unique coastal town beats, its caretakers strive towards a dream. It is a dream of recognition, a dream of joining the prestigious ranks of Unesco World Heritage Sites. One of their primary focuses? The preservation and elevation of Songkhla’s old town. Lively discussions and plans for this ambitious project unfolded during a joint meeting presided over by the PAO Chairman Paijen Maksuwan on a typical Thursday.

To accomplish this monumental task, they’ve hired a consultant to meticulously craft a development and management plan for the picturesque old town, mindful of the high standards set by Unesco for world heritage sites. As Mr Paijen emphasizes, Songkhla isn’t merely a place, it’s a living, breathing tapestry of arts and culture spanning over two centuries. This rich cultural backdrop makes Songkhla one of the two southern provinces with the esteemed status of national heritage sites.

Underneath these ambitious plans is a deeply rooted desire to preserve the authentic charms of old town Songkhla. Once an important regional trading hub, today, it’s a beloved tourist destination pulsating with history, culture and learning opportunities. The forthcoming plan seeks to balance and uphold these existing characteristics while promoting sustainable development in the region.

The intricate workings of this project don’t stop here. Phoppon Thongkhanarak, director of the PAO’s city planning division, shares that part of the consultant’s responsibility is to unearth the unique values of the old town. In addition to this, they are tasked with establishing evaluation criteria for gauging the province’s future development potential. But the PAO’s efforts extend beyond this. It aims to cast a wider net and gather information about other historic sites within Songkhla province, partnering with experts from various fields to explore their potential to clinch world heritage status.

Earlier, two committees, working tirelessly towards their shared goal of showcasing Songkhla on the global heritage stage, prepared a comprehensive document, “Songkhla and related communities along Songkhla Lake”. This proposal encompasses four potential sites within the province. Hence, the document was delivered to the provincial governor for submission to the Fine Arts Department. The proposed heritage sites under consideration include Phangyang, Phakho and Siyang historical communities; Laem Son and Khao Daeng’s old fortress; Sathing Phra historical community; and of course, Songkhla’s old town.

To date, Thailand proudly boasts of four cultural and three natural World Heritage Sites along with six additional cultural and natural sites listed on the Unesco Tentative List. These sites include Phuphrabat Historical Park in Udon Thani, Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan in Nakhon Si Thammarat, and Phra That Phanom in Nakhon Phanom. As Songkhla decade-old cultural heritage steps towards the spotlight, it seeks to join these ranks.

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