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Vacharaesorn Vivacharawongse Appointed Honorary Chairman by Lawyers Council of Thailand: A Royal Touch to Legal Excellence

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In a ceremony that could have easily been the climactic scene of a blockbuster film, complete with the grandeur and reverence fitting for royal involvement, Wichien Chubthaisong, the esteemed president of the Lawyers Council of Thailand (LCT), extended an arm of collaboration adorned with an accolade of significant prestige to none other than Vacharaesorn Vivacharawongse. The event, undeniably infused with a blend of formality and heartfelt emotions, saw Vacharaesorn—an individual whose lineage to His Majesty the King is as notable as his academic and professional prowess—being appointed as the honorary advisory chairman to the president of the LCT. This awe-inspiring appointment was solidified through a formal letter, penned and signed by Wichien himself, marking a momentous occasion within the ornate halls of the council’s headquarters in Bangkok that Friday.

The council, a beacon of legal professionalism and advocacy within Thailand, could not have found a more distinguished figure for this role. Vacharaesorn, the second-eldest progeny of His Majesty, is a law graduate of the esteemed George Washington University in the United States. His academic journey in the field of law is complemented by a robust career that saw him practicing in the bustling courts of New York City before taking upon the mantle of chairman and senior partner at VVV Group—a burgeoning enterprise in legal and business consulting based right in the heart of Bangkok. This appointment, lasting till the pivotal year of 2025, signifies a new era for the LCT under his honorary guidance.

The ceremony was nothing short of spectacular, with council executives and board members lining up to extend their warmest congratulations to Vacharaesorn, or as he is affectionately known among the Thai populace, “Than Aon”. His gratitude, eloquently expressed, resonated well beyond the confines of the meeting room, finding a heartfelt echo in his messages shared on Facebook the following day. “I’m truly honoured and I pledge to devote my physical and mental strengths as well as my expertise to the full benefits of everyone,” he proclaimed, his words imbued with the promise of unwavering dedication to the pursuit of fairness and equality in the realm of justice.

Wichien’s response was equally spirited, with a palpable sense of optimism for the transformative potential Mr Vacharaesorn brings to the table. With an eye towards expanding its work in providing pivotal legal aid to the masses, the Lawyers Council is on the brink of a new chapter, one enriched by the vision and vigor that Vacharaesorn is all but guaranteed to bring.

Interestingly, Vacharaesorn’s journey up until this moment is a tapestry of international experiences and profound personal growth. Returning to Thailand on March 6, marking his third visit to the country, he has gradually rekindled his connection with the land of his ancestors. His visits are not just mere formalities but steps in reestablishing his roots—be it through applying for an ID card at a local registration office in Nonthaburi, securing a passport, or opening a bank account. His return last August, after a 27-year hiatus, was a moment of jubilation for many Thais, further sweetened by the subsequent visit of his younger brother, Dr Chakriwat “Than Aong” Vivacharawongse.

In essence, Vacharaesorn Vivacharawongse’s appointment as honorary advisory chairman to the LCT president is a convergence of royal heritage and legal acumen, promising a future where justice and equality are not just ideals but tangible realities for the people of Thailand. His journey, marked by a blend of international exposure and a sincere desire to contribute to his homeland, embodies the spirit of service and excellence that the Lawyers Council stands to benefit immensely from. As the sun sets on the bustling city of Bangkok, the corridors of the LCT headquarters still buzz with the excitement of this new beginning, heralding an era of unparalleled legal advocacy and reform under Vacharaesorn’s honorary chairmanship.


  1. SiamSunrise April 6, 2024

    This is monumental! Having someone of Vacharaesorn’s stature and background as the honorary chairman could really bring a lot of positive changes and attention to the legal struggles in Thailand. It’s not just about his royal lineage, but the man has proven himself academically and professionally overseas as well.

    • LegalEagle101 April 6, 2024

      While it’s certainly prestigious to have a figure like Vacharaesorn involved, we should remain cautious. Prestige doesn’t always translate to efficacy in the realm of legal reform and advocacy. His actual impact on the Lawyers Council of Thailand’s initiatives remains to be seen.

      • SiamSunrise April 6, 2024

        True, his impact is yet to be fully seen, but having such a profile can only help in raising awareness and potentially attracting more resources and attention to the legal challenges in Thailand. It’s a step in the right direction.

    • PattayaPlaya April 6, 2024

      Isn’t this just another example of celebrity culture infiltrating spaces where practical experience and knowledge should be paramount? Why not appoint someone who has been in the trenches of Thai legal battles day in, day out?

  2. BangkokBarry April 6, 2024

    Interesting how Vacharaesorn is reconnecting with Thailand after such a long time. The focus on his royal connection might overshadow his actual qualifications and contributions. Still, his commitment seems genuine, and it could bring a fresh perspective to the LCT.

  3. LegalLad April 6, 2024

    This seems more like a PR move to me than an actual game-changer. The Lawyers Council of Thailand needs solid strategies and actions more than honorary titles. What has Vacharaesorn actually done in the field of law that merits this position?

    • ThaigerMom April 6, 2024

      It’s not just about his day-to-day accomplishments in law. Vacharaesorn’s international experience and educational background bring a diverse perspective. That’s invaluable in a globalized world where legal issues are increasingly complex.

  4. ChangNoi April 6, 2024

    I’m all for progress, but let’s not pretend like his royal background didn’t play a big role in this appointment. How will this impact the common people’s fight for justice?

  5. IsaanInsight April 6, 2024

    Vacharaesorn’s journey back to Thailand and his efforts to reconnect with his heritage while contributing to the country’s legal field is commendable. It’s a brilliant example of using one’s position and skills for the greater good.

  6. PhuketPhil April 6, 2024

    I see a lot of cynicism here but let’s give the man a chance to prove his worth. It’s not every day that someone with a royal link takes such a keen interest in the practical improvement of legal systems.

  7. JusticeJunkie April 6, 2024

    For those doubting Vacharaesorn’s qualifications: Have you considered that his unique background might just be what the LCT needs to innovate? Sometimes, thinking outside the box (or the court) is necessary to effect real change.

    • RealistRaj April 6, 2024

      Innovation in legal fields requires more than just a prestigious background or global exposure. It needs an in-depth understanding of the local judicial system and its inherent challenges. Can someone who spent 27 years abroad truly grasp these intricacies?

  8. LannaLady April 6, 2024

    Beyond Vacharaesorn’s appointment, let’s focus on the LCT’s goals. Expanding legal aid and focusing on justice are commendable objectives. Maybe his fresh perspective will be the push needed to overcome longstanding hurdles.

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