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We are NOT taxi mafia, said the driver who blocked a van at the Phuket pier

After returning from Koh Phi Phi at 10am, the travelers decided not to utilize the cabs at the pier after hearing the word “mafia” used to describe them. Phuket Land Transport Office promised to question the two drivers, especially the one who stopped the van, and requested others to report similar incidences of harassment, reminding drivers that violations might result in fines or a suspended license. Phuket’s reputation is regularly marred by “taxi mafia” occurrences of rip-off rates and terrible treatment of tourists.

He said ride-hailing applications steal their clients by offering illegally low charges. Drivers stated the coalition was formed to help Moo 7 Rassada cab drivers make a living. The party traveled 50 meters and got in a legal van with yellow license plates before a furious taxi driver blocked it and ordered they take a dock cab, which they did. Now, a 37-year-old local cab driver is fighting back, stating the Ratsada VIP Group is not taxi mafia. He says the slanderous word drove customers away. The irate driver said being dubbed a taxi mafia was unfair and compared their unique dock agreement to those at other ports. Three female and one male tourists were caught in the thick of a taxi driver brawl at Phuket’s Rassada Pier on Friday.

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