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300 Dogs On The Brink of Homelessness! Inside The Struggle to Save Thailand’s Hope For Strays Foundation – Can YOU Help?

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In a shocking turn of events, Hope for Strays Foundation, a recognised non-profit body based in Nongprue, east of Pattaya, finds itself in a precarious situation. An invaluable haven to over 300 dogs, the impending expiration of the shelter’s land lease in March coming year threatens the very existence of this refuge. The quest for a secure new premise is urgent, with the current shelter required to be dismantled.

Around 15 years have passed since Hope for Strays has emerged as a radiant beacon of rescue for abandoned, maltreated, and neglected canines in Thailand. In the course of the past seven years, the shelter has granted numerous dogs a refreshingly secure surrounding, complimented with love, care and an opportunity to experience renewed life. The shelter’s remarkable accomplishments are praiseworthy- from administering thousands of vaccinations, sterilising over 400 dogs to providing medical treatments to myriads of diseased or injured dogs. In addition, the shelter also reliably provides two meals daily for several street dogs.

The possibility of these dogs facing an ambiguous future due to the shelter’s absence is deeply distressing. Speaking on behalf of the foundation, a spokesperson noted, “The dubious future of these dogs in the absence of an appropriate shelter is profoundly disheartening. We urgently require financial aid to create a new shelter to guarantee their safety and well-being.”

Hope For Strays Foundation dogs

Currently, the foundation urgently needs funds for multiple purposes. The primary objective is to secure suitable land. The only feasible option at hand is a farmland located in north-central Thailand. The land acquisition has been made but it lacks the essential services needed for managing the shelter. The tourism significantly contributes to the foundation’s income in Pattaya, which is less frequent in this area.

Building the new shelter is the next step, which should include suitable enclosures, comfortable habitation, proper ventilation, and essential facilities to cater to the needs of the rescued dogs. The current shelter also requires to be dismantled to return the land back to its original state in accordance with the landowner’s requisites.

Reinstating the urgent situation, the spokesperson said, “We require raised funds for procuring an ideal piece of land, providing a safe space for the dogs to prosper, constructing a new shelter equipped with enclosures, living spaces, ventilation, and essential amenities to cater to the unique needs of the rescued dogs, and demolishing the existing shelter in compliance with the landowner’s requirements.”

The dire urgency of the situation is acute. Substantial time is demanded to plan, secure the necessary permits, and build the new shelter concurrently with the demolition of the old one, including shifting the Foundation registration. The Foundation aims to raise an initial fund of 1 million baht needed for creating a barrier around the land, installing electrical service, and starting the building of kennels.

Presently, these innocent beings depend on our concerted efforts to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for them. It is essential that no dog be neglected or subjected to suffering due to uncontrollable circumstances. Help us in the noble cause of creating a new shelter by contributing to Hope for Strays.

Hope For Strays Foundation dogs

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