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A chain of Thai restaurants now uses robot servers

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Inflation this year has caused prices for a variety of goods to soar both in Thailand and globally. The chain’s prices have only slightly increased, according to Vitoon Silaon, the company’s chief executive, despite a 30-40% increase in operational expenditures in the first half of this year. Even if individuals are currently being careful about their purchasing, according to Vitoon, S&P wants to keep its customers. Bakery goods are typically not the most essential items in people’s life, he noted. Thailand’s Central Committee on the Price of Goods and Services will maintain the prices on the 46 products frozen until the end of June of the next year, according to Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit’s statement in June. S&P is also updating its dining establishments to keep up its momentum.

The servers at a chain of Thai restaurants are now robots. Robotics are being used by S&P, a network of bakeries and restaurants, as a means of containing expenses while maintaining competitive pricing. There are typically 10 employees per restaurant. S&P Syndicate Plc, the operator business, is currently in charge of 460 production hubs across the nation and is listed on the SET. By the end of 2022, 480 of them should be in operation. How long S&P and other businesses can keep their prices low will be determined by time. Ten S&P Bakery Mart locations will debut in densely populated areas in the second part of this year, where they are certain to draw large crowds of customers. Additionally, S&P intends to expand its delivery and takeout options.

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