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A revitalized tourism cooperation agreement between Greece and Thailand

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The Thai tourism governor met with his Greek counterpart in Greece today to promote tourism and highlight shared heritage. Since the Chinese government imposed travel restrictions, the monarchy’s tourism earnings has dropped. More than 14,000 Greeks visited Thailand in 2019, with over 3,000 visiting this year. The two tourism ministries discussed the delays in granting Thai tourists permits to visit Greece. The 2012 cancellation of direct Athens-Bangkok flights should be reversed. She said the two departments’ longstanding cooperation would continue after resolving concerns with direct flights and visas. The Gerachis mansion is still standing in Lopburi, Thailand. China was Thailand’s top tourist destination before COVID-19.

Olympia Anastasopoulou and Yuthasak Supasorn met in Athens to revive a 16-year-old tourism cooperation pact. Anastasopoulou predicts that 10,000 individuals will visit Thailand next year. Greece and Thailand are also willing to discuss their shared history. Costantin Gerachi, a Greek adventurer known as Constance Phaulkon in Thailand, ruled Siam from 1683 to 1688. The Thai minister noted that Greece and Thailand had had business ties for 400 years. Yuthasak said Thailand has turned to Europe for visitors because post-pandemic Asia is unstable.

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