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Acid Terror Unleashed: The Day Tranquility Turned into Nightmare in Nang Rong – Young Girl’s Life Horribly Scarred: You Won’t Believe the Suspected Motive!

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A day in the peaceful town of Nang Rong in Buriram province, dramatically skewed from its tranquil aura into a horrifying spectacle of violence when an acid attack took place around 2pm. The scene of the ghastly act was quite ironical – a food stall, typically a place of comfort located less than half a kilometer away from Nang Rong Police Station.

Taking center stage in this grim episode is an unfortunate 18-year-old girl named Nattikarn, who bore the brunt of the assault. In the blink of an eye, she found herself grappling with excruciating pain, her face and body suffering grievous injuries from the malevolent acid burns, a spectacle too ghastly to depict.

Her companions, a 63-year-old woman called Ta, owner of the food stall and presumably the poor girl’s grandmother, and Wivat, a man of 40, also fell victims to the attackers. Thankfully, Ta sustained minor burns to her arms while Wivat dealt with injuries around his neck.

Quickly and effectively, the victims were transported to Nang Rong Hospital, with Nattikarn requiring immediate transfer to Buriram Centre Hospital due to her precarious state.

On that horrendous day, the food stall was devoid of its usual bustling ambiance and customers. It was a quiet afternoon with Nattikarn, Ta, and Nattikarn’s cousin engaged in light hearted banter when the nightmare unfolded.

Two perpetrators in a white Toyota car with non-existent license plates made their startling appearance. Ta narrated their bemusement at seeing the strangers approaching with containers in hand. It was too late before they realized the fatal substance inside those containers. Targeting Nattikarn primarily, they unleashed a storm of pain by splashing the corrosive liquid over her and then made their swift exit..

The sinister motive behind the attack remains unclear. However, Ta hypothesizes it might root back to a feud Nattikarn had with the new girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend. The women previously locked horns over a damaged phone incident which saw the girlfriend compensating for the damage caused. Could this be the reason for her ruthless act of revenge?

The local law enforcement is hot on the heels of the three suspects. The digital eye of the CCTV has provided them with the attackers’ vehicle details – a white Toyota car with no license plate.

Acid attacks are an awful reality that shakes human conscience, posing an alarming threat to society. Another victim of such a reprehensible act was a 46-year-old Thai man who was accosted while he was sleeping in his room. Following the assault, his neighboring resident disappeared suspiciously, elevating him to the prime suspect.

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