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AIT’s Elite Squad: Meet the 16 Professors Dominating the Global Research Arena!

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Picture this – a constellation of academic stars shining bright in the scientific firmament, and right amongst them, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) sparkles with the pride of having not one, not two, but sixteen of its own professorial luminaries acknowledged among the crème de la crème of global influence. It’s the kind of stuff that academic dreams are made of: Stanford University’s hallowed list now features these exceptional thought leaders from AIT, each carving their name into the top tier of the world’s influencers, the elite 2%, in the splendid saga of scientific discovery.

The list from Stanford is not your run-of-the-mill college leaderboard. It’s forged from the fire of data-driven metrics like the h-index, an intellectual Richter scale of impact. Think of it like a high-stakes poker game where the chips are citations, the players’ finesse measured by a composite indicator flirting with authorship and rounded off with a little thing called the c-score − an academic symphony that Stanford conducts to perfection.

In the relentless river of time, those who make it big are often remembered for their momentary flashes of brilliance. Not so with AIT’s esteemed eleven, who are lauded for their lasting impressions over a storied career, while a dynamic fourteen have dazzled the academic community with their single-year impact in the epoch-defining year of 2022.

Distinguished AIT Professors Rocking the Boat of Global Research

Let’s unravel the tapestry of AIT’s experts who cut across the span of human curiosity with enviable ease:

  • Ever heard of someone who can talk to the Earth? Well, in a manner of speaking, Emeritus Prof. Dennes T. Bergado does just that in the enigmatic world of Geological & Geomatics Engineering.
  • Emergency lines to mother nature? That’d be Emeritus Prof. Peter Edwards, casting nets of wisdom in Fisheries.
  • Energy begets power, and Emeritus Profs. Sivanappan Kumar and Ram M. Shrestha ignite the enigmatic world of Energy with their insights.
  • Emeritus Prof. Tawatchai Tingsanchali takes a deep dive into the river of knowledge with his acumen in Environmental Engineering.
  • Then there’s Emeritus Prof. Chettiyappan Visvanathan, a legend in the lush landscapes of Environmental Sciences.
  • Prof. Joyashree Roy, a name synonymous with game-changing dialogue in Energy.
  • The maestro in the orchestra of Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing: Prof. Phan Minh Dung.
  • Prof. Mukand Babel engineers the finest currents of thought in Environmental Engineering.
  • Agriculture’s ace, Prof. Rajendra Prasad Shrestha, grows ideas as well as he grows crops.
  • Prof. Anil Kumar Anal mixes up a delectable storm in the Food Science cauldron.
  • Prof. Weerakorn Ongsakul and Prof. Shobhakar Dhakal, energy enthusiasts, are lighting up tomorrow’s world.
  • Architect of aqueducts of innovation, Prof. Sangam Shrestha etches his mark in Environmental Engineering.
  • In fields alive with golden grains, Prof. Avishek Datta and Dr. Ha Thanh Dong sow seeds of knowledge in Agronomy, Agriculture, and Fisheries.

AIT’s Ode to Global Resonance

This constellation of stars doesn’t just twinkle; they radiate the essence of AIT’s ethos – the relentless pursuit of excellence with a purpose. It’s not about trumpeting individual triumphs; it’s a symphony that sings of AIT’s unwavering dedication to global impact. They’re scientists, yes. But they’re also visionaries, pioneers in weaving the fabric of our future, one discovery at a time.

AIT is not just playing the game; they’re setting the board, defining the moves that shape how research and innovation will unfold. Today, we don’t just commend these trailblazers; we revel in the institution that molds them, hammers them to the cutting-edge, and launches them to influence the world around us. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the Asian Institute of Technology – not just a name, but a beacon of scientific aspiration lighting up the global stage.

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