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An earthquake occurs in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai

Northern Thailand occasionally experiences stronger, more catastrophic earthquakes. At 1:03 a.m., a magnitude 3.6 earthquake shook the Fang district in the Chiang Mai province of northern Thailand, according to the Meteorological Department. There have been no incidents, fatalities, or losses reported. Numerous fault lines traverse the northern region of Thailand, making it prone to earthquakes.

The center of the earthquake, which was 4 kilometers deep and located in the Mae Kha subdistrict, caused significant shaking in the area. Mae Kha, Chai Prakan, and Mae Ngon subdistricts reported significant tremors, while Mueang Chiang Mai, 100 kilometers to the south, felt the earthquakes. Mae Kha resident: “I was lying on the floor when I heard a big rumbling sound.” Then, I began to tremble. One person on the third floor of an apartment building in Chai Prakan said, “I heard a big sound, like someone starting a car, then the building shook. Then, the house continued to shake wildly. It was in motion. It was quite powerful and frightening.

According to a witness in Mae Ngon, it was quite powerful. It woke me up while I was sound asleep. The roof was shaking, and there was a loud sound like thunder. I have never felt shaking like this before.

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