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Anant Lerpradit Celebrates Trailblazers at People Go Beyond Awards 2024: Honoring Thailand’s Changemakers

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Imagine a world where exceptional individuals and corporations are recognized not just for their achievements, but for their incredible impact on society and our environment. This is precisely the ethos behind the distinguished “People Go Beyond” awards, a celebration orchestrated to spotlight those remarkable souls and entities that have positively transformed Thai society in profound ways. Anant Lerpradit, the visionary co-founder and editor-in-chief of The People, eloquently shared the award’s mission to elevate awareness and commendation for these trailblazers.

In a glittering ceremony that felt more like a convergence of superheroes than a mere awards night, Anant unveiled the stellar lineup of this year’s People Award winners. Ten phenomenal individuals, chosen by the publication’s editors, were celebrated for their indomitable spirit, leadership, and unwavering commitment to crafting a better tomorrow for Thailand through their innovative endeavors across various domains.

But the People Awards didn’t just stop there. In an exciting twist, it turned to its readers to bestow two additional accolades: the “Most Popular of The Year” and “Corporate of The Year” awards. Former Move Forward leader, Pita Limjaroernrat, with his magnetic charisma and reformist zeal, clinched the Most Popular of The Year title, riding high on the wave of his political campaign that spectacularly led his party to a triumphant victory in the May 2023 general election.

Let’s dive into the awe-inspiring stories of the 10 magnificent awardees of the People Awards 2024:

  • Thon Thamrongnawasawat, the marine biologist and Kasetsart University professor, who’s become synonymous with the defense of our oceans and their vibrant inhabitants.
  • Thananon Patinyasakdikul, the IT maestro and force behind the captivating “9arm” YouTube channel.
  • Jareeporn Jarukornsakul, the dynamic CEO spearheading WHA Corporation, Thailand’s trailblazing logistics juggernaut.
  • Jiraporn Kuhakan, the fearless frontline video reporter from Reuters, who brings stories of truth from the ground to the world.
  • Yutthana Boonaom, the creative genius orchestrating music festivals that have become legendary among Thais.
  • Wit Sittivaekin, the gifted news reporter and host of the captivating 8-Minute History documentary, making the past enthralling.
  • Sombat Bunngam-anong, the political activist and guiding star of the Mirror Foundation, championing the voiceless.
  • Thiti Srinual, the visionary director behind “Undertaker”, a film phenomenon that swept Thailand off its feet with record-breaking success.
  • Panipak “Tennis” Wongpattanakit, the Olympic gold medalist and world-renowned Taekwondo virtuoso, inspiring millions with her triumphs.
  • Park Kideuk and Jung Kyungtae, the South Korean YouTuber duo, “Cullen and Jung”, who’ve woven the beauty of eco-tourism in Thailand into the hearts of viewers worldwide.

But the glitter didn’t just stop with individuals. Four corporations were spotlighted for their innovative contributions to Thai society:

  • Muang Thai Insurance Plc, hailed in the Social Contribution category for their unwavering dedication to societal betterment.
  • Successmore Being Plc, celebrated in the Beyond Success for Life category for transcending the norms of achievement.
  • Phyathai-Paolo Hospital Group, recognized as the Best Medical Healthcare Brand, for their unparalleled commitment to health and wellness.
  • Areeya Property Plc, winners in the Creative Thinking Design for Living category, for reimagining living spaces with ingenuity and flair.

In essence, the People Awards stand as a beacon of hope and inspiration, shining a light on those who dare to dream and act for the greater good. It’s a testament to the fact that change-makers among us can indeed drive a profound impact, making Thailand, and thereby the world, a better place. Here’s to the people who go beyond!

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