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Artem Tyshkevich Arrested: Immigration Police Unveil 30 Million Baht Counterfeit Passport Scam in Bangkok

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Immigration police officers apprehended Russian national Artem Tyshkevich in a dramatic sting operation in Bangkok on Tuesday, capturing a significant cache of assets along with the suspect. (Photo: supplied/Wassayos Ngamkham)

Authorities have cracked down on what they describe as an elaborate con orchestrated by a Russian man in Thailand. This individual is accused of leading a sophisticated gang that profited immensely by supplying counterfeit passports. Earnings from this illicit operation are estimated to be at least 30 million baht, all amassed through deceiving a multitude of customers.

The gang’s cunning operation included advertisements plastered across various digital platforms such as VK, Telegram, WhatsApp, and a specialized website named Their pitch was tantalizingly simple: pay digitally, and in return, receive a ‘legally’ granted passport from one of 15 different nationalities. To lend an air of legitimacy to their scam, they even registered an official company within Thailand, a move that undeniably added to their false credibility, according to the police.

The unraveling of this deceptive network began when police investigators laid their hands on a United States passport. It didn’t take long for the Overseas Criminal Investigation Unit to identify it as a counterfeit. Pol Maj Gen Panthana Nuchanart, the deputy commissioner of the Immigration Bureau, was quick to confirm the fraudulent nature of the highly convincing document.

Dugging deeper into the operation, authorities discovered that the counterfeit passports sent to unsuspecting customers originated from the Dominican Republic, couriered via FedEx. Initial estimates of losses faced by the fooled customers over this scam exceed 30 million baht, a substantial financial hit for those involved.

The meticulous investigation soon pointed fingers at Artem Tyshkevich, a Russian national, labeling him as the mastermind behind this high-stakes game. He now faces serious charges related to the production, sale, and import of counterfeit passports. In a significant bust at his Bangkok residence, authorities seized a trove of evidence, including numerous mobile phones, laptops, bank passbooks, and foreign credit cards.

As the investigation continues to unfold, more light is being shed on the full extent of this audacious scheme. Who knew that amidst the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, a web of deceit was being spun so expertly?

This brings us to ponder the persistent ingenuity of these fraudulent operations and the constant cyber vigilance required to unearth and dismantle such scams. One can only hope that this significant breakthrough will serve as a stern warning to those who contemplate such deceitful ventures in the future.

For now, the arrest of Artem Tyshkevich stands as a testament to the relentless efforts of the immigration police and their unwavering commitment to bringing clarity and justice to the often murky waters of international crime. And if nothing else, this case adds yet another thrilling chapter to the complex tale of global criminal enterprise.


  1. Alex Greene July 11, 2024

    I can’t believe someone could pull off such an elaborate scam right under our noses! How did they not get caught sooner?

    • Joanna July 11, 2024

      It always amazes me how these operations get so far. Maybe the authorities need to step up their game.

      • Alex Greene July 11, 2024

        Yes, but it’s also a reminder that cybercriminals are getting smarter. We need better tech and more vigilant policing.

    • techsavvy2020 July 11, 2024

      They used multiple digital platforms and probably had decent tech. Our security measures need to evolve faster.

      • JustBob July 11, 2024

        You’d think that registering a company would raise some flags… but anything for profit, I guess.

  2. Emily D July 11, 2024

    Why do people even need fake passports? Just follow the legal route!

    • Sam July 11, 2024

      You’d be surprised. Some people are desperate or trying to hide their past.

      • Emily D July 11, 2024

        True, but there has to be a limit to desperation, right?

    • Tom_R July 11, 2024

      Not everyone can wait years for a legit passport. Life’s not that simple.

  3. Karen Smith July 11, 2024

    I’m appalled by the sheer audacity of these operations. Makes you wonder how often this happens without us knowing.

    • Realist456 July 11, 2024

      Probably more often than we think. We just never hear about the ones that don’t get caught.

      • Karen Smith July 11, 2024

        That’s a scary thought. We need more awareness and education on such scams.

  4. Sam July 11, 2024

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure there are many more involved who haven’t been caught yet.

    • Tim July 11, 2024

      Absolutely. They might even have branches in other countries.

  5. Anna July 11, 2024

    It’s crazy to think someone would trust an online service for something as serious as a passport.

    • Brian M July 11, 2024

      Desperation makes people take risks they wouldn’t normally consider.

      • Anna July 11, 2024

        True. But this should be a wake-up call to be more careful.

  6. Marcus July 11, 2024

    No sympathy for anyone involved in this. They knew it was illegal.

  7. Tom_R July 11, 2024

    How were they delivering these fake passports through FedEx? Doesn’t this imply some level of incompetence or complacency from the courier services?

    • Sue July 11, 2024

      FedEx can’t check every package. They probably had no idea what they were carrying.

  8. Elena July 11, 2024

    I’m just glad the authorities caught them. Imagine how many more people could have been scammed!

  9. Lucas July 11, 2024

    This case is wild. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns into a movie someday.

  10. Maxwell July 11, 2024

    Props to the officers who busted them. This was no small feat.

  11. Joanna July 11, 2024

    What are the chances that some officials were bribed though? Seems a bit too easy for such a huge operation.

    • David H July 11, 2024

      Wouldn’t surprise me. Corruption is everywhere.

  12. Simon T July 11, 2024

    I think this whole incident just highlights how vulnerable our digital networks still are.

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