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Baker McKenzie’s 75th Anniversary Seminar Highlights Thailand’s Sustainability Journey

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Baker McKenzie recently hosted a captivating seminar titled “Playing by the Green Rules,” featuring a stellar lineup of speakers from Thailand’s government and a multi-disciplinary team of senior attorneys from the Firm. This dynamic event delved into the latest sustainability regulatory landscape, Thailand’s ambitious energy transition, and strategic responses for Thai businesses. It marked a milestone in the Firm’s year-long celebration of its 75th anniversary, demonstrating Baker McKenzie’s unwavering commitment to advancing sustainability in Thailand.

With an impressive attendance of over 170 clients, the seminar boasted three riveting panel discussions led by a cross-functional, cross-office team of Firm partners and sustainability specialists, alongside honorary guest speakers from the government:

  • Mr. Jatuporn Buruspat, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment;
  • Dr. Phirun Saiyasitpanich, Director-General of the Department of Climate Change and Environment;
  • Mr. Petros Sourmelis, Head of Trade and Economic Section, European Union Delegation to Thailand; and
  • Mr. Sukal Sirichandilok, Chief of Customs Procedures Unit I, Customs Standard Procedures and Valuation Division, Thai Customs Department.

The seminar commenced with a thought-provoking keynote by Mr. Petros Sourmelis, who shared invaluable insights on the European Union Green Deal’s implications for Thai businesses. This session, moderated by Varutt Kittichungchit, dived deep into the preparations required to navigate the intricacies of the EU Green Deal, notably the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CS3D), and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). Baker McKenzie partner Keerati Saneewong Na Ayudthaya and Sustainability Specialist Dhiranantha Rithmanee offered their expertise, with further insights from Mr. Sukal.

The second panel illuminated the evolving landscape of Thailand’s energy sector. It was an electrifying discussion led by Baker McKenzie’s Bangkok office Energy & Infrastructure team: partners Vit Vatanayothin, Permsak Krairiksh, and Napas Na Pombejra. Joining them were Sean Duffy from Australia and Finance & Projects Principal Kim Hock Ang from Singapore, who shared their professional experiences and highlighted potential challenges in more mature energy markets.

The final panel shifted focus to the mechanisms in Thailand that facilitate the implementation of sustainability in business operations, encompassing legal, financial, and economic measures. This discussion featured an ensemble of experts including Corporate/M&A partners Sumet Orsirivikorn and Bulin Sanooj, Banking & Finance partners Kowit Adireksombat and Chavapol Akkaravoranun, and Sustainability Specialist Dr. Muanjit Chamsilpa.

Baker McKenzie’s Global Chair, Milton Cheng, graced the event with compelling closing remarks: “Over the past 75 years, it has been part of our Firm’s DNA to be a responsible business steward for our planet, clients, people, and communities. We remain resolute in our commitment to partnering with our clients and leveraging our robust connections with policymakers to address the world’s most pressing challenges.”

Adding to this, Peerapan Tungsuwan, a member of the Firm’s Global Executive Committee, emphasized, “As Head of our Sustainability Practice in Thailand, my priority is not only to ensure sustainable practices within our Firm but also to guide our clients on their sustainability journeys. The shift to a sustainable business model must stay a priority, despite market volatility and global challenges.”

Echoing these sentiments, Bangkok office Managing Partner Wynn Pakdeejit commented, “At Baker McKenzie, we comprehend the significance of engaging actively with our clients and assisting them in incorporating sustainable business practices. We’re proud to draw on our global experience to support our clients on their path to sustainability.”

Baker McKenzie continues to pledge its services to clients and communities by advancing inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, and ensuring access to justice and opportunity. Celebrating its 75th Anniversary, the Firm is honoring its rich history and values through various initiatives aimed at creating a positive societal impact and giving back to the community it serves.


  1. EcoWarrior7 July 11, 2024

    Baker McKenzie’s efforts sound impressive, but how much of it is just greenwashing? Big law firms have a lot of resources but are they really committed to sustainability?

    • Laura C. July 11, 2024

      Exactly! It’s easy to talk the talk, but I’m skeptical about how many of these practices actually make a substantial impact. Are their operations carbon-neutral yet?

      • GreenThumb July 11, 2024

        True, many firms claim to be sustainable but don’t back it up with their actions. At least they’re raising awareness, though.

    • Jameson T. July 11, 2024

      Come on, guys. We should give them a chance. They’ve been committed for 75 years, which is a long time to maintain a facade. I believe they genuinely care.

  2. Nathalie July 11, 2024

    I’m particularly impressed with how they included different government figures and EU representatives. It seems they’re trying to cover all angles.

    • JakePowers July 11, 2024

      Yeah, including global perspectives is crucial. It sends a message that sustainability isn’t just a local issue but a global one.

      • Petra July 11, 2024

        And the EU Green Deal is no joke. Thai businesses better be prepared for stricter regulations.

    • EcoWarrior7 July 11, 2024

      That’s true; engaging multiple stakeholders at least shows they’re trying to be comprehensive.

  3. grower134 July 11, 2024

    Are they really going to help Thai businesses transition to greener energy, or are they just giving another seminar with lots of talk? Actions speak louder than words.

  4. Carlos J. July 11, 2024

    Sustainability in the legal sector is crucial. Wonder if smaller firms can follow suit or if it’s just a big player’s game.

    • Marie K. July 11, 2024

      True, smaller firms might not have the resources to host huge seminars or implement complicated sustainability practices. It might create a bigger disparity in the market.

    • Jameson T. July 11, 2024

      Perhaps, but if big firms lead the way, smaller firms can learn and adapt gradually. It’s a chain reaction.

  5. Sophia July 11, 2024

    Thailand’s energy sector transformation is exciting. The insights from both local and international experts must have been invaluable.

    • Brian July 11, 2024

      Absolutely! Local expertise combined with global insights is a winning formula.

    • TechInvestor1 July 11, 2024

      Although ‘electrifying discussion’ sounds corny, I guess it was essential. Can’t wait to see the actual impact.

  6. Alex L. July 11, 2024

    This is all well and good, but how do they measure success? Metrics and accountability are key here.

  7. Charlene July 11, 2024

    Happy 75th to Baker McKenzie! Their longevity speaks volumes. Here’s to hoping the next 75 years see real, substantive change in sustainability.

    • EcoWarrior7 July 11, 2024

      Let’s hope they influence other firms to follow suit. We need a collective effort.

  8. Bryan O. July 11, 2024

    What about the local communities? How are they ensuring that the benefits of sustainability reach the grassroots level?

    • EcoActivist July 11, 2024

      Good point. Often, the most affected communities are left out of these high-level discussions. Inclusion is vital.

  9. Paul G. July 11, 2024

    It’s refreshing to see actual engagements and discussions instead of just policy announcements. Discussions like these are the groundwork for real change.

  10. EcoWarrior7 July 11, 2024

    I wonder how many firms in Thailand will actually adopt these practices. It’s easy to attend seminars, but implementation is another story.

  11. GreenThumb July 11, 2024

    Diversity and inclusivity are often overlooked. Glad to see Baker McKenzie addressing these alongside sustainability.

  12. Petra July 11, 2024

    Change in energy markets, especially transitioning to sustainable energy, is a mammoth task. Hats off if they can pull it off.

    • JakePowers July 11, 2024

      And not just pull it off, but create scalable models that others can follow. That will be the real win.

    • Nathalie July 11, 2024

      I agree. Setting a precedent is one thing, but making it a model for wide adoption is another.

  13. JustABaker July 11, 2024

    It’s inspiring to see a law firm take such a proactive stance on sustainability. More industries should follow.

  14. Gina July 11, 2024

    Wonder if they discussed the financial aspects of these transitions. Sustainability often requires significant capital.

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