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Bangchak Corporation and Gloyta Nathalang Inspire Thai Youths with Landmark Environmental Conservation Initiatives

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Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited is stepping up its game to inspire the younger generation with a deep-rooted commitment to environmental conservation. In a spectacular week commemorating World Environment Day, June 5, 2024, was marked by an exciting event that brought sustainability to the forefront. Gloyta Nathalang, the dynamic Acting Senior Executive Vice President for Sustainability Management and Corporate Communications at Bangchak, was a prominent figure at the opening ceremony of the Thai Youths for Environmental Conservation. This ceremony also launched the highly anticipated second year of the Environmental Education Unit, orchestrated by the Environmental and Social Foundation (ESF).

The grandeur of the event at the Amari Watergate Hotel was amplified with the presence of several esteemed dignitaries. Surasak Phancharoenworakul, the respected Deputy Minister of Education, officiated the ceremony, joined by Karom Phonphonklang, the vivacious Deputy Government Spokesman, and the inspiring Director of the Environmental and Social Foundation, Alongkot Chukaew. Adding her charm to the mix was Veena Upadhyay, also a Director at ESF, alongside a vibrant crowd of students and Youth Wildlife Guardians.

With an aura of enthusiasm, Gloyta spotlighted Bangchak’s unwavering devotion to environmental and social responsibility, a legacy spanning over four decades. The corporation’s robust initiatives in youth education and development form the bedrock of its vision for a brighter, greener future. Through programs rooted in the locales of its operations and extending nationwide, Bangchak nurtures the leaders of tomorrow.

One of the trailblazing efforts is encapsulated in the Bai Mai Pun Suk Foundation. Instituted seven years ago, this foundation is a powerhouse for youth engagement in social and environmental causes. Its flagship, the Environmental Education Unit project, doesn’t just teach; it transforms. The Youth Wildlife Guardian program, a star within this project, galvanizes young minds towards environmental stewardship using the unique Environmental Mobile Unit. This initiative is a testament to Bangchak’s mission to elevate environmental consciousness and galvanize youth contributions to societal progress.

But that’s not all – Bangchak’s collaboration with BMW Group Thailand and five prestigious organizations paves the way for the riveting 3rd CHOICEISYOURS initiative. Bangchak extends an invigorating challenge to university students nationwide, urging them to devise groundbreaking projects for sustainable community empowerment. Among these inspiring ventures are the “Fry to Fly” and “No Refry” initiatives. These innovative schemes focus on repurposing used cooking oil into valuable Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), seamlessly aligning with the visionary Bio-Circular-Green Economy model. Through these endeavors, Bangchak fosters the critical development of sustainable skills among today’s youth, ensuring they’re equipped to lead the charge towards a sustainable future.

As the week unfolded with a series of activities, each moment encapsulated a blend of education, engagement, and profound environmental advocacy. Bangchak Corporation, thus, stands as a beacon of environmental stewardship, championing the cause of sustainability while energizing the new generation to take the helm of our planet’s future.


  1. GreenThumb44 June 7, 2024

    This initiative by Bangchak Corporation is exactly what we need more of! Environmental education is crucial for our youth.

    • Cindy June 7, 2024

      While it’s true that education is important, do we really know how effective these programs are? Sometimes it feels like corporate PR more than genuine impact.

      • GreenThumb44 June 7, 2024

        I get your point, Cindy. But, at least it’s a step in the right direction. Corporations have the resources to make a bigger impact if they truly commit.

      • Eco_Warrior June 7, 2024

        It’s better to have these programs than nothing at all. Kids get inspired by such initiatives.

  2. Dr. Sarah Lewis June 7, 2024

    Involving the youth in environmental conservation is key to creating long-lasting change. Kudos to Bangchak and Gloyta Nathalang for leading by example.

    • NatureNerd June 7, 2024

      Agreed, Dr. Lewis! It’s high time we started investing in our future leaders who will champion sustainability.

    • Ray June 7, 2024

      I appreciate the sentiment, but it’s hard to trust corporations. How do we know this isn’t just greenwashing?

      • Dr. Sarah Lewis June 7, 2024

        That’s a valid concern, Ray. Transparency and accountability measures are critical to ensure these initiatives deliver real impact.

      • EcoFan45 June 7, 2024

        True, but Bangchak has a pretty solid track record. Their collaboration with educational foundations shows serious commitment.

  3. Johnny June 7, 2024

    The idea of turning used cooking oil into Sustainable Aviation Fuel is simply genius! We need more innovative ideas like that.

    • Lisa Pereira June 7, 2024

      Absolutely. It’s a perfect example of how circular economy principles can be applied in real-world scenarios.

    • Mandy June 7, 2024

      But how scalable is it? Will it really make a difference on a larger scale?

      • Johnny June 7, 2024

        That’s a great question. Scalability is always a challenge, but every small action collectively can lead to big changes.

      • Tommy June 7, 2024

        It has to start somewhere. If it proves effective, it can be scaled up with more investment and innovation.

  4. EcoBell June 7, 2024

    Fantastic efforts by Bangchak! Empowering youth is the best way to drive sustainable development.

    • Mike D June 7, 2024

      True, but shouldn’t we also be focusing on holding big polluters accountable?

    • EcoBell June 7, 2024

      Of course, Mike. Both are important. We need to educate the young and hold corporations accountable simultaneously.

  5. Conservation_Queen June 7, 2024

    Events like this are necessary to raise awareness, but I hope they’re also investing in real, on-the-ground actions.

    • NatureLover32 June 7, 2024

      I think they are. The Youth Wildlife Guardian program seems like a great hands-on approach.

    • Jessica B June 7, 2024

      Awareness is the first step toward action. These kids will grow up with a strong sense of responsibility.

  6. SkepticSam June 7, 2024

    Call me cynical, but this feels like another corporate stunt. Real change comes from policy, not PR events.

    • David R June 7, 2024

      I get your skepticism, Sam. But every bit helps, and if it leads to policy change, even better.

    • BelieverMichelle June 7, 2024

      Bangchak’s ongoing efforts and collaborations with other organizations show they’re in this for the long haul, not just for show.

  7. Allison June 7, 2024

    As someone who attended the event, I can say it was incredibly inspiring. Seeing young people so passionate about environmental conservation gave me hope.

  8. Rick June 7, 2024

    The collaboration between Bangchak and BMW is interesting. I’d like to see more details on the projects they develop together.

  9. EcoGeek June 7, 2024

    The Environmental Mobile Unit is a superb idea. It would be great if other countries adopted similar initiatives.

  10. FutureEco June 7, 2024

    Youth engagement through innovative projects like these can help foster a global culture of sustainability.

  11. Noelle June 7, 2024

    It’s promising to see corporate responsibility take center stage in environmental education. Let’s hope it leads to substantial results.

  12. Tommy June 7, 2024

    Honestly, I’m not sold. These big corporations are the problem in the first place. Investing in youth projects is a distraction from their larger environmental impact.

    • Jessica B June 7, 2024

      Tommy, it’s a fair point. But we also need to recognize that systemic change often involves multiple steps and players.

    • Tommy June 7, 2024

      I agree, Jessica, but we can’t let them off the hook for their major contributions to environmental degradation.

  13. GretaFan101 June 7, 2024

    Great to see companies like Bangchak stepping up! Every effort towards environmental education matters in the grand scheme of things.

  14. Hannah K June 7, 2024

    More corporations should follow Bangchak’s lead and invest in sustainable initiatives. It’s about time businesses took responsibility.

  15. Felix June 7, 2024

    These initiatives are impressive, but where is the government in all this? Policies need to support and enhance these efforts.

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