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Bangkok’s gas prices will drop tomorrow

At 5 a.m. tomorrow, the retail prices of gasoline and all gasohol varieties other than E85 will decrease by 3 baht per litre and E85 by 1.8 baht per litre.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much good news for drivers because diesel costs will stay the same. However, the PTT Oil and Retail Business today announced that the price of gasoline will decrease starting tomorrow morning (Friday). This will be wonderful news for Bangkok drivers.

On Friday, retail costs in Bangkok and the surrounding areas will be…

– The cost of gasoline E85 will be 35.34 baht per litre (-1.80 baht)

– A litre of gasoline E20 will cost 40.44 baht (-3 baht)

– The cost of gasoline 91 will be 41.28 baht per liter (-3 baht)

– The price of gasoline (benzene) per litre will be 48.96 baht (-3 baht)

– The price per litre of gasoline 95 superpower will be 47.04 baht (-3 baht)

Diesel B20 will continue to cost 34.94 baht per liter, as will Diesel, Diesel B7, and Diesel premium B7, all of which will cost 34.94 baht per litre.

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