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Bangkok’s Traffic Nightmare Ends with a Shocking Road Revolution! No More Congestion, Just Speed & Convenience!

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Set to reinvigorate Bangkok’s traffic framework and provide a much-needed solution to peak-hour congestion, the construction of the groundbreaking Road No. 10 has successfully navigated a significant roadblock. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) triumphantly announced that they have tackled the challenge of public utility line removal in the area, a hurdle that has stalled progress until now. The new road promises to strengthen and simplify a critical transport link between the bustling Government Complex on Chaeng Watthana Road and Pracha Chuen Road.

BMA Deputy Governor, Wissanu Sapsompol affirmed this stride towards progress and highlighted the fact that Road No. 10 would serve as an alternative route for commuters, particularly during the notoriously busy rush hour periods. Impressively, the 1.3-kilometre infrastructure is said to be around 25% complete, with the target completion date of May next year both feasible and eagerly anticipated. The estimated cost of building this revolutionary road is pegged at 300 million baht.

Until recently, the project encountered several speed bumps. The main one is related to the challenge of public utility lines removal in the region, which significantly halted the road’s progression. However, with this matter effectively addressed, the BMA is confident that Road No. 10 will significantly alleviate the chronic traffic congestion in the vicinity of the Government Complex and the adjacent Chulabhorn Hospital, a problem that has bedevilled both motorists and city planners for years.

Presently, the Government Complex and Chulabhorn Hospital are reliant on the already stretched Chaeng Watthana Road and Vibhavadi Rangsit Road for access. Road No. 10 will reduce this dependence, instead directing traffic towards the west of the complex and facilitating easier movement to Pracha Chuen Road.

Deputy Governor Sapsompol further explained that Pracha Chuen Road is expected to undergo an expansion project. The project aimed to link the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority’s head office with Chaeng Watthana Road. Traffic snarls, particularly at the end of Pracha Chuen Road, have been a nagging issue and source of commuter angst due to the area’s bottleneck issue. This planned expansion, amounting to approximately 420 million baht, promises to eliminate said bottle-neck and pave the way for smoother transit. Construction for this is scheduled to conclude next year, signaling a double victory for the city’s transport framework.

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