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Bloody Family Tragedy Unfolds! Scam Gang’s Sinister Web of Fraud Drives Innocent Family to the Edge – Shocking Details Emerge!

One late August 2023 evening, in the quaint district of Samut Prakan, a grimmer side of reality emerged. In a three-storey townhouse in Bang Phli district, a macabre scene unfolded. A woman and her young sons fatally attacked, and her husband battling both physical wounds and emotional devastation, the remnants of a horrific family tragedy (credit: Sutthiwit Chayutworakan).

A connection between a scam gang and this chilling homicide led to the arrest of a young woman, Jirapinya Naeyued, aged 22. On an ordinary Wednesday afternoon, while she was returning home from Cambodia, she was apprehended at the Aranyaprathet immigration check post in Sa Kaeo.

A seamless collaboration between immigration investigators, local police, and paramilitary rangers facilitated the arrest at the inbound passenger terminal. She was nabbed moments after crossing the border through the Ban Khlong Luk checkpoint. Reports confirmed that she was involved with a scam gang notorious in the Poipet region of Cambodia.

The crucial information regarding her involvement was her alleged role in operating a fraudulent mule bank account. Jirapinya was named in an arrest warrant issued by the Samut Prakan provincial court. She faced grave charges such as collusion in fraud, feeding false data into a computer system, causing harm to others, and engagement in international criminal activities.

During her interrogation, Jirapinya accepted her identity as the individual named in the arrest warrant. Following her initial detainment by the immigration authorities, she was handed over to Bang Kaeo police in Samut Prakan for further judicial procedures.

It was revealed by assistant national police chief, Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn, that the scam gang to which Jirapinya was linked bore the onus of the family catastrophe. The father, in his profound despair after his wife fell prey to the scam gang, incurring colossal debts, killed his wife and sons. His attempt to end his own life was, however, unsuccessful.

Just the day after that incident, another woman alleged to have operated a bank account for the same scam gang was arrested on her return to Thailand from Cambodia. She was caught at a border checkpoint in Sa Kaeo.

Enforcing the law’s long arm, further arrests were made this month in Poipet. Amongst those detained were four Thai people, including three women, who were believed to have made scam calls resulting in the harrowing incident in Samut Prakan.

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