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BMA and SRT are working to restore Chatuchak Market

The State Railway of Thailand and the Bangkok City Hall are currently collaborating to try to restore the renowned market to its formerly bustling magnificence. The SRT actually owns the land where the market is located even though the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration administers it, therefore the two government agencies want to work together in this area.

City Hall declared plans to develop Chatuchak Market into a “world-class tourist destination,” in keeping with the majority of the improvements the Thai government supports in the tourism sector. Governor Chadchart Sittipunt of Bangkok and the governor of the State Railway of Thailand met to discuss a resurrection plan. The once-bustling center of business and social interaction known as Chatuchak Market has significantly quieted down since reopening following the closure brought on by the Covid-19 epidemic. Vendors are unable to open because there aren’t enough customers, and customers are unable to visit because there aren’t enough vendors. The SRT also intends to plant trees and repair the roads that surround the railway. The Covid-19 closures and restrictions, which have driven out many vendors and decreased the market’s size and liveliness, have put Chatuchak Market in a precarious position, similar to many other tourism-related businesses and activities. The financial debt between the SRT and the Bangkok government can be settled in accordance with the provisions of the current contract, claims Governor Chadchart. Due to the market’s limited opening and low activity, customers and visitors become disinterested. Before suggestions to restrict street sellers and establish inexpensive lease space for low-paying booths are taken into consideration, this issue will be the primary focus of this fresh cooperative effort to revitalize the market.

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