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Chawis Hattaboon Clinches Victory in Thailand’s Espresso Showdown: Paves Way for Regional Glory

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In the captivating world of aromatic brews and caffeinated delights, Thailand bore witness to a historic milestone in its coffee culture. The stage was set on the vibrant grounds of The Food School Bangkok, where the air buzzed with anticipation for the Bluekoff X Boncafe LA MARZOCCO LINEA MINI R SHOWDOWN Thailand Edition. Not just another day in the life of baristas, but a day where two titans of coffee, Boncafe (Thailand) and Bluekoff Co., Ltd., joined forces in a spectacular exposition of skill, flavor, and innovation on 11 May 2024.

Emerging triumphant amidst a cascade of espresso shots was Chawis Hattaboon, whose prowess with the coffee machine not only won him a handsome sum of 20,000 baht but also the honor to represent Thailand in the Southeast Asia competition round in Singapore. With round-trip tickets and plush accommodations in hand, Chawis stands on the precipice of possibly clinching prizes worth a staggering 350,000 baht. But beyond the glitz, it’s the dedication, skill, and the relentless pursuit of coffee perfection that shines the brightest.

Under the banner “Beyond Espresso: The Barista Icon”, this showdown wasn’t just a competition; it was a pilgrimage to the holy grail of espresso shot extraction. Celebrating the prowess of the La Marzocco Linea Mini R, a jewel in the crown of coffee machines globally acclaimed for its impeccable design and efficiency, the event was a testament to the relentless spirit of innovation in the coffee industry. It created a platform for Southeast Asia’s baristas to showcase their talent, proving that a perfect cup of coffee is not just brewed; it’s crafted with precision, care, and a touch of magic.

Pavinee Chansuk of Boncafe (Thailand) encapsulated the essence of this collaboration beautifully. It was more than just showcasing exceptional performances; it was about creating a symphony between two leading coffee enterprises and their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and fostering a thriving community of coffee aficionados. This competition was a beacon, guiding the way to a future where the appreciation of coffee transcends borders, connecting hearts one cup at a time.

The “B-Yond Blend” coffee, a testament to this groundbreaking partnership, is where the artistry of Thai coffee cultivation meets unparalleled blending craftsmanship. Sourcing 100% Thai origin beans, this blend is a symphony of Arabica from Doi Chang and Robusta from the south, roasting into an elixir that encompasses the soul of Thailand in each sip. Its rich layers of chocolate, caramel, and butterscotch are not merely flavors, but a journey through the lush landscapes of Thailand’s coffee regions, with each cup promising a rendezvous with luxury.

Nutrada Kunavivattananon of Bluekoff Co., Ltd., reflected on this remarkable venture as not just an opportunity to compete but to shine on a regional and global stage, showcasing the exceptional talent and innovation that Thailand’s baristas bring to the world’s coffee culture. With the support of such splendid machinery as the La Marzocco Linea Mini R, Thai baristas are not just participating; they’re redefining the standards of coffee excellence.

The event itself was an immersive experience, allowing participants and spectators alike to acquaint themselves with the La Marzocco Linea Mini R. This wasn’t just a display; it was an invitation to touch, feel, and marvel at the innovation that sets this machine apart from its contemporaries. With its Della Pietra Curve style and breakthrough enhancements, this machine stands as a monument to what the future of coffee making can be—more precise, more delightful, and infinitely more memorable.

As we gear up to support Chawis Hattaboon at the LA MARZOCCO LINEA MINI R SHOWDOWN in Southeast Asia come 22 June 2024, let’s raise our cups to the spirit of innovation, the passion for excellence, and the sheer joy of coffee that brings us all together, transcending boundaries and brewing concoctions not just of flavor, but of dreams. Discover this new realm of coffee experiences with La Marzocco Linea Mini R at Bluekoff and Boncafe (Thailand) and be part of a revolution, one espresso shot at a time.


  1. EspressoLover88 May 14, 2024

    Congratulations to Chawis Hattaboon! It’s amazing to see Thai baristas making waves on the global stage. Shows how far passion and dedication can take you in the craft of coffee making.

    • CoffeeSnob101 May 14, 2024

      While it’s great to see individual talents recognized, I think these competitions overly commercialize the coffee experience. It’s more about the machines and the brands behind them than the actual skill of making coffee.

      • EspressoLover88 May 14, 2024

        I see your point, but isn’t it also about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with coffee? Without these machines and competitions, the craft might stagnate.

      • BaristaJourney May 14, 2024

        Agree with EspressoLover88. It’s a balance. Yes, there’s commercialization but also innovation and growth in the craft. Plus, it brings global attention to local talents.

    • LatteArt4Life May 14, 2024

      Super proud of Chawis! Hopefully, this win brings more attention to the Thai coffee scene internationally.

      • GlobalBean May 14, 2024

        Definitely! Thai coffee has so much to offer on the world stage. It’s not just about Italian or American coffee anymore, the world is waking up to Asia’s coffee culture.

  2. BeanCounter May 14, 2024

    Is it just me, or are we focusing too much on espresso? There’s a whole world of coffee brewing methods out there that deserve just as much attention.

    • PercolatorPete May 14, 2024

      You’re not alone. While espresso is great, diversity in coffee brewing techniques is what keeps the coffee world rich and interesting. Competitions should reflect that.

      • BeanCounter May 14, 2024

        Exactly! It’s about time other methods like pour-over, AeroPress, and even Turkish coffee got their moments in the limelight.

  3. DaveK May 14, 2024

    Skeptical about the ‘B-Yond Blend’. 100% Thai origin beans are good and all, but the true artistry in coffee blending comes from mixing beans from different regions. Is this just a marketing move?

    • ThailandAllTheWay May 14, 2024

      It’s not just marketing. By focusing on Thai beans, they’re showcasing the unique flavors Thailand has to offer. Plus, supporting local growers is a big plus in my book.

      • DaveK May 14, 2024

        Good point on supporting local growers. I guess I’m just wary of losing out on the complexity that comes from international blends.

      • CoffeeGuru May 14, 2024

        Both views have merit. The key is in how well they execute the blend. If they can bring out a complex flavor profile with just local beans, it’s a win.

  4. MochaMadness May 14, 2024

    While I’m excited for Chawis and the recognition for Thai coffee, I hope we don’t lose sight of sustainability in our pursuit of the perfect cup. Coffee production has a huge environmental impact.

    • EcoBean May 14, 2024

      Absolutely! The focus should also be on how we can produce and consume coffee in a way that’s more beneficial to the planet. Competitions could be a great platform to promote sustainable practices.

      • GreenBrew May 14, 2024

        Sustainability should be a category in these competitions! Imagine showcasing not only taste but how eco-friendly the coffee’s production is.

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