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China welcomes Thai students into its classrooms

Thai students will be among the first to return to China when it reopens, China’s envoy said last year. Han directed his education counselors to help Thai students and Chinese schools accomplish their academic goals. The mainland allows some students in while keeping its 0% Covid-19 policy, but it hasn’t eased it. Before they can traverse the streets or enter a school, students must spend seven days in isolation and three days monitoring their health at home.
Only South Korea has more international students than Thailand. Foreign nationals with a valid Chinese study permit or APEC business travel card can enter China starting today, the Chinese embassy in the US stated on WeChat. He’s also working with Chinese education officials to assure Thai students’ return once Covid-19 is under control. Health analyst and Shenzhen hospital chief Lu Hongzhou said students must follow quarantine rules. Monday, China reported 1,748 Covid illnesses, down from 3,400 last week. Thai students will be among the first to return if the Chinese government allows it.
Since the pandemic began, China has had over 5,200 deaths, compared to over 1 million in the US. China stated last night that schools will open to international students after two years.

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