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Chompoo Utaisincharoen’s Labubu Doll Scam: Over 100 Victims Lose 12 Million Baht

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Picture this: A market brimming with enthusiasm and an atmosphere teeming with excited whispers, all centered around the charming Labubu dolls. But behind this lively façade, something far more sinister was brewing. In an unexpected twist that could rival a thrilling plotline, an online seller found herself ensnared in a web of accusations and potential fraud charges involving these highly coveted collectibles.

It all began when over 100 eager customers who had paid in advance for their adorable Labubu dolls reported the owner of the Facebook page “Chompoo Utaisincharoen” to the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB). The reason? A shocking 12 million baht gone missing.

One of the affected customers, who preferred to remain anonymous, unveiled the backstory. The seller had presented herself as an importer of Labubu dolls on Facebook, attracting the attention of buyers keen to resell the ever-popular toy figures. The plan seemed foolproof: transfer money, wait for the dolls, and revel in the joy of their arrival. After all, so many had purchased items off Facebook without a hitch before. What could possibly go wrong?

Fast forward to about a month ago, and the scenario started to unravel. The seller announced delays in delivery, citing murky warehouse disputes in China as the culprit. Legal wrangles supposedly tied up the inventory, leaving customers scratching their heads and checking their calendars. Yet, despite the reassurances, the delays continued.

Each inquiry about the dolls’ arrival date was met with a new excuse. One by one, the hopes of eager buyers turned to frustration. The plot thickened as the seller promised full refunds—a promise that, as of yet, remains unfulfilled. The customers, united in their frustration, initiated legal action to reclaim their lost millions.

To paint a clearer picture, over 100 distressed buyers have stepped forward, claiming a collective loss that reaches a dizzying 12 million baht. The saga took an even darker turn when reports surfaced of one customer contemplating drastic measures after depleting her life savings in hopes of obtaining the elusive dolls.

Interestingly, the tale isn’t one of a fly-by-night operator. The online seller had reportedly been in the game for two to three years. In a clever turn of events, she recently attracted hordes of new customers by offering heavy discounts on the dolls. The allure of a deal too good to miss was irresistibly enticing.

Further intrigue stems from the seller’s origins. She resides in an upscale housing estate in Samut Prakan and has past ties to running a shop in the bustling Saphan Lek neighborhood of Bangkok. It’s a twist that adds layers to an already tangled narrative.

So, as the dust settles and investigators dig deeper into the labyrinthine scheme, one can’t help but be drawn into the drama. The charming allure of Labubu dolls stands in stark contrast to the unfolding legal saga—echoing the age-old adage: Not everything that glitters is gold.

What lies ahead for “Chompoo Utaisincharoen”? Will justice be served, and can the victims ever reclaim their lost fortunes? Only time will unveil the final chapters of this captivating tale. Until then, the market buzzes with hushed conversations, the thrill of the dolls overshadowed by the mystery and scandal that now surround them.


  1. Joe June 10, 2024

    I can’t believe people would fall for this! Who buys toys worth millions without verifying the seller first?

    • larrydavis June 10, 2024

      It’s easy to say that in hindsight. The seller had a long history and seemed legitimate.

      • Tina P June 10, 2024

        Exactly. When someone has seemingly reliable history, it’s natural to trust. We’re all vurnable to such scams.

      • Joe June 10, 2024

        I get that, but the scale of this scam is just mind-blowing. People need to be more careful with their money.

    • SkepticalSam June 10, 2024

      Maybe the buyers were just greedy because of those heavy discounts? Like, a 12 million baht gamble!

  2. Rebecca June 10, 2024

    This shows how desperate people are for those so-called collectibles. Ridiculous.

    • toybuff89 June 10, 2024

      Not ridiculous if it pays off. Collectibles are a legitimate market; just got unlucky with a scammer here.

  3. Nate T June 10, 2024

    This is just another example of why strict regulations for online marketplaces are essential.

    • Ciara H June 10, 2024

      Totally. Facebook and other platforms must step up their game in ensuring the legitimacy of sellers.

    • LibertyNode June 10, 2024

      But isn’t it on the buyer to do their due diligence? Too much regulation stifles the market.

  4. EliteCapitalist June 10, 2024

    This Chompoo woman sounds like a genius. Not ethical, but she’s played the market perfectly.

    • Wendy Mae June 10, 2024

      Seriously? You’re defending a scammer?

    • EliteCapitalist June 10, 2024

      Not defending, just acknowledging the audacity and cleverness. The victims should have been more cautious.

  5. SimpleTom June 10, 2024

    I think people should avoid buying things from strangers online, especially using huge sums of money.

    • Jessica L June 10, 2024

      Easier said than done. Online shopping is convenient and sometimes there’s no local option.

  6. grower134 June 10, 2024

    This is why you should never go into debt to buy luxury items. A life savings gone on dolls? Absurd.

    • Emily June 10, 2024

      It’s easy to criticize, but we don’t know each individual’s circumstances.

  7. Benito June 10, 2024

    Can’t believe people are so gullible nowadays. The entire situation sounds like a bad movie plot.

    • Patrice L June 10, 2024

      Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction, though. People just love those dolls.

  8. AdminRick June 10, 2024

    Authorities should press all possible charges. Make sure she pays for each and every baht.

    • Casey93 June 10, 2024

      Yeah, but even if she gets a heavy sentence, the money might be gone forever for the victims.

      • AdminRick June 10, 2024

        True, but at least it would bring some closure and justice for them.

  9. Kelvin Roberts June 10, 2024

    Sad part is the loss and despair among buyers. Hope the legal action brings some resolution.

  10. magicFak3 June 10, 2024

    There’s more to this story. What if she isn’t the only one involved? Might be part of a bigger syndicate.

  11. Samantha June 10, 2024

    Feels like something from a film noir. Will be interesting to see how the investigations unfold.

    • Phil June 10, 2024

      Right? This whole thing has been so dramatic.

  12. TechGal June 10, 2024

    With all the tech and resources available, it’s baffling that these scams still happen. Where’s the cybersecurity?

  13. Mark P June 10, 2024

    Unfortunate for those buyers. Wonder if there’ll be any sort of collective lawsuit. That would add more drama.

  14. Melissa J June 10, 2024

    The psychological impact on the victims could be severe. Losing life savings like this is traumatizing.

    • Sophia K June 10, 2024

      That’s a very valid point. Financial loss is one thing, but the emotional toll is immense.

  15. CryptoKing June 10, 2024

    This is why invest in decentralized assets like crypto. Far less chance of getting scammed by individuals.

    • economiss June 10, 2024

      Not sure if crypto is any safer, considering the number of crypto scams out there.

    • CryptoKing June 10, 2024

      Only if you’re not educated in the space. Knowledge is key.

  16. QuietSusie June 10, 2024

    Hope this story gets a happy ending, but it’s looking bleak for the buyers right now.

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