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Democrats in Despair: Will Thailand’s Oldest Party Rise or Crumble After Leadership Showdown?

Thailand’s illustrious but beleaguered Democrat Party stands at the crossroads, with public sentiment tilting the scale in unexpected directions, as revealed by the buzzworthy Nida Poll survey. In what seems to be an ironic twist of fate, Thailand’s political old-guard appears to be losing its gleam, with a significant chunk of the populace expressing a rather nonchalant stance towards the party that once held the nation in thrall. According to the survey, the party’s traditional clout seems to be retreating into the misty horizon of the country’s vibrant political landscape.

The upcoming Democrat Party general assembly, set to be a conclave of decision and change, is scheduled for the 9th of snowy December. Here, the party faithful will cast their votes to crown a new leader and executive board. This gathering comes in the aftermath of the May 14th general election debacle—a defeat so crushing it led to the honorable exit of Mr. Jurin, who bore the weight of responsibility with a resignation that echoed the party’s yearning for renewal.

Amidst the palpitating heart of this political drama, only the poised Watanya, affectionately dubbed “Madam Dear,” and the astute Narapat Kaeothong have boldly stepped into the spotlight to vie for the party’s crown. Who will the Democrat disciples anoint? Only time will tell.

But let us delve into the meticulous numbers from the Nida Poll, shall we? With the voices of 1,310 adults ringing through telephone receivers between November 28th and 30th, the public’s voice was heard loud and clear, albeit with a pronounced dash of indifference. When prompted to pick a suitable conductor for the Democrat orchestra:

  • 28.32% preferred to tune out, offering no comment, a testament to political ennui or perhaps a choice to reserve judgment for the ballot boxes.
  • Watanya, with 27.10%, emerged as a popular choice, her allure as a potential leader undeniable to some, though certainly not overwhelming in sway.
  • Trailing behind, yet still in the game, was Chalermchai Sri-on, the acting secretary-general, grasping onto a 20.46% slice of hopeful support.
  • Former maestros like Abhisit Vejjajiva and the venerable Chuan Leekpai retained the affection of 9.39% and 6.03%, respectively—a nod to past glories from the loyalists who reminisce.
  • And let’s not overlook Narapat Kaeothong, who, as the dark horse in this political derby, enticed 7.94% of respondents into his corner.

A peculiar sort of democracy appears to be at play: one where 50.53% of those surveyed professed they had never painted their fingers purple for the Democrat Party—at least, not yet. History, as the saying goes, is written by the victors, and in this case, 35.80% once wrote their chapters with Democrat ink but chose to close the book come May 14th, with a mere 12.52% penning their continued allegiances.

But how, you may wonder, has the Democrat Party stood the test of tumultuous decades, 65 years to be exact? The answer lies in the hearts of those inexorably drawn to its southern strongholds and those who forge unbreakable bonds with their “fan clubs”—39.62% of respondents point to such undying bastions of support. Around 30.92% credit the unyielding visage of leaders past with piloting the party through storms, while 26.41% reckon it’s the institution’s enduring foundations that have kept it afloat through political high tide and low.

As for the prognostications post-party election, 36.11% cling to the hope of stronger party unity, dreaming of a renaissance where the Democrat phoenix might rise yet again. Contrarily, 24.58% foresee the continuance of internal turmoil—an unsettling forecast that 18.39% fear might culminate in a splintering of the Democrat monolith. Meanwhile, 15.27% worry the party may find itself locked in a stalemate, mired in indecision over its new herald.

As the Democrat Party peers into its crystal ball, cloaked in the thick fog of political arm-wrestling, both the apathetic shrugs of “no comments” and the fervent predictions paint a picture of a storied political entity at a pivotal juncture. Like a once revered novel facing a potential final chapter, the question lingers: will the Democrats pen a resurgence tale, or is it the end of an era? In politics, as in life, the sands of time wait for no one, and change is but a tick of the clock away.

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