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Deputy Transport Minister Surapong Piyachote Ensures MRT Yellow Line Safety with Enhanced Checks

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On a bustling Monday morning, Deputy Transport Minister Surapong Piyachote stepped forward to quell public concerns about the MRT Yellow Line’s safety, promising more frequent safety checks to avert future malfunctions. The minister made his announcement following a detailed inspection of the Yellow Line monorail system in Bangkok, just a day after the restoration of regular passenger services.

Before the weekend, the train service ran on a limited schedule due to essential repairs on segments of the track, which were compromised back in March by a malfunctioning conductor rail. The damage was significant enough that parts of the track cascaded onto the road below, inadvertently damaging several vehicles parked beneath the elevated tracks. This incident heavily impacted the segment between Hua Mak and Si Iam stations, necessitating single-line operation between these stations.

Eastern Bangkok Monorail Co Ltd (EBM), the line’s operator, announced the successful replacement of a 5.7-kilometre-long conductor rail last week. The comprehensive safety evaluations of the newly installed tracks paved the way for the resumption of standard operations on Sunday. EBM stated the stringent tests were critical to assuring the line’s safe operation.

Mr. Surapong emphasized that EBM has been mandated to execute safety tests every two months instead of the previous six-month interval. In addition, specific segments of the track will undergo weekly evaluations to further reassure the public about their safety while using the monorail.

The Yellow Line trains are equipped with undercarriage cameras, a high-tech feature allowing engineers to detect any anomalies during operations. Mr. Surapong also noted that these cameras are similarly integrated into the Pink Line trains, enhancing the overall safety protocol.

Interestingly, a regular commuter at Si Iam station, who chose to remain anonymous, made an impassioned plea to authorities to ensure such disruptions are prevented in the future. The commuter pointed out that the reduced timetable had caused significant inconvenience to many who depend on the line for their daily travels.

Currently, fare rates are back to the standard range of 15-45 baht per ride, based on the distance traveled. However, EBM continues to offer a weekly pass promotion at a flat rate of 25 baht, a boon for regular commuters.

As the Yellow Line monorail speeds back towards normalcy, Mr. Surapong’s assurances and the enhanced safety measures underscore a commitment to providing a reliable and secure public transport system. With these improvements, passengers can hopefully look forward to a smoother, trouble-free journey ahead.


  1. John Doe June 17, 2024

    About time they stepped up the safety checks. Last time was a nightmare!

    • Jane Smith June 17, 2024

      I agree. That incident was terrifying. But do you think bimonthly checks will be enough?

      • John Doe June 17, 2024

        Better than waiting six months. Plus, the undercarriage cameras should help catch issues sooner.

      • TechSavvy June 17, 2024

        Why not have constant real-time monitoring? We have the technology!

    • Carl_the_Realist June 17, 2024

      Accidents happen. At least they are doing SOMETHING now.

      • Jane Smith June 17, 2024

        True, but lives are at stake. More should be done!

  2. EcoWarrior June 17, 2024

    Why aren’t we investing in more sustainable transport solutions?

    • Analyst_X June 17, 2024

      The monorail is pretty eco-friendly though. Better than hundreds of cars on the road.

    • Greta_incognito June 17, 2024

      True, but we need to aim higher. Electric buses, better cycling infrastructure!

    • Car_Lover443 June 17, 2024

      Public transport will never replace the convenience of cars.

  3. Daily_Commute June 17, 2024

    These weekly pass promotions are amazing!

    • Frugal_Guy June 17, 2024

      Absolutely. Saves me a ton of money every month.

  4. Concerned_Citizen June 17, 2024

    I wonder how safe these ‘high-tech’ solutions really are…

    • Tech_Guru June 17, 2024

      High-tech solutions are as safe as the people maintaining them. If EBM is diligent, we should be fine.

    • Skeptic_Sam June 17, 2024

      Always good to question. Remember Boeing’s 737 MAX?

    • Tech_Guru June 17, 2024

      Fair point, but don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch.

  5. MRT_Fan June 17, 2024

    Glad to see the Yellow Line back in full operation!

    • Skeptic_Sam June 17, 2024

      Let’s hope it stays that way without any more disruptions.

      • MRT_Fan June 17, 2024

        Fingers crossed. The upgraded checks should help.

  6. Greer90 June 17, 2024

    I’ve lost trust in the system after last time. No amount of safety guarantees can change that.

  7. Academic77 June 17, 2024

    I think it’s a positive step forward. Modern infrastructure always faces initial hiccups.

    • Greer90 June 17, 2024

      Maybe you’re right, but it’s hard to forget the damages caused.

    • Academic77 June 17, 2024

      Understandable. Time and consistent safety will rebuild trust.

  8. TravelJunkie June 17, 2024

    I think public transport in Bangkok is improving overall. The Yellow Line is just one example.

  9. TheUnquestioned June 17, 2024

    Good job, Mr. Surapong. This kind of proactive action is exactly what we need.

  10. Skeptic_Sam June 17, 2024

    But remember, actions speak louder than words. Let’s see if these promises hold true under pressure.

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