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Dinner Party of Doom: Powerful Local Chief & Cops Involved in Shocking Shootout – Unraveling the Dark Secrets!

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In a chilling event that has gripped Nakhon Pathom, Praween Chankhlai, a formidable kamnan (local subdistrict chief) now stands accused of orchestrating a fatal shooting at a dinner party hosted in his residence. This incident unfolded on an unsuspecting Wednesday evening, the devastating tremors of which are still being felt in the community. Brought within the austere presence of a court, Mr. Chankhlai will face the consequences of his alleged actions, as captured in a confidential photograph supplied.

A total of six police officers have been relinquished from their duties within the police force. This harsh action, meted out in response to their suspected participation in the horrifying dinner party events, can be seen as a necessity; a clear message stipulating that no malfeasance will be tolerated within the uniformed fraternity.

The casualties of this unfortunate incident include Pol Maj Siwakorn Saibua, an officer proudly serving highway police station 1 under the wings of Highway Police Sub-division 2. His untimely death reverberates with echoes of the tumultuous night. Pol Lt Col Wasin Pandee, the valiant deputy commander of the same subdivision, was left wounded in the face of the merciless onslaught.

Among the discharged officers are Pol Lt Prasarn Rodpol, Pol Capt Narongsak Taeng-ampai, Pol Capt Natthapol Nakkorn, and Pol S/Lt Sansern Srisawat, all standing in service of highway police station 1. With them, Pol Maj Kiatisak Somsuk, an investigator of remarkable persistence at Krathum Baen police station in Samut Sakhon province, and Pol Lt Nimit Salidkul, a traffic officer diligently serving at Muang police station in Nakhon Pathom were also asked to leave their ranks.

These officers stand accused of a heinous breach of duty, of obliterating evidence connected to the crime and intentionally aiding the alleged gunman and Praween Chankhlai evade the clutches of law. In yet another shocking twist, Thananchai Manmak, the suspected gunman, was later felled during a decisive encounter with police officials in the dense locales of the Kanchanaburi province. Chankhlai later handed himself over to the police.

The dismissal orders for these officers took effect from the 9th of September, leaving their futures subjected to disciplinary examination of the gravest nature. To add to the escalating tension, an official from the Corrections Department found himself dismissed and under the radar of an intensifying investigation for his possible hand in the shooting incident.

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