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El Nino Phenomenon Threatens Devastating Drought Crisis in Thailand – Act Now or Face the Consequences!

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ONWR Warns of Drought Risks Due to El Nino Phenomenon

The Office of the National Water Resources (ONWR) has issued a warning for people in Thailand to prepare for potential drought conditions by conserving water. The El Nino phenomenon, which began in July, has led to significantly less rainfall than in typical years.

Coordinated Efforts to Address the Drought Crisis

ONWR secretary-general Surasee Kittimonthon, speaking after a meeting with representatives from various water-related agencies, stated that a plan has been established to address the possible drought crisis, especially during intermittent rains in August. These agencies include the Department of Royal Irrigation, the Department of Water Resources, Thai Meteorological Department, and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat).

The national committee on water resources supports the plan, which identifies the areas most vulnerable to drought and outlines the necessary tools, machines, and additional water sources to assist in emergencies. “We have prepared the plan so that we will have enough water for the whole year. However, we may still experience a drought,” Mr. Surasee said.

Public Cooperation Needed for Water Conservation

Surasee Kittimonthon emphasizes the importance of public cooperation in conserving water during this time. The ONWR will closely monitor the situation and take prompt action as needed to minimize the negative effects of the drought.

Expected Rainfall Patterns and Tropical Storms

Regarding rainfall patterns in Thailand, the rainy season is anticipated to start in mid-May, about one week later than usual. While the amount of precipitation in early May should align with previous years, it is expected to decrease by 10% from June to July compared to the norm. Lower-than-average rainfall is predicted for the coming months, especially in the Central region and Isan. A tropical storm is also likely to occur this month, according to Surasee Kittimonthon.

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