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Explosive Revelation: Cunning Scammers Exploiting Israel-Palestine Tension to Loot Thai Workers of their Earnings!

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In light of the fallout from recent tension between Israel and Palestine, a warning has been issued to the public by the Department of Employment. A new fraudulent scheme has emerged, aiming to exploit this volatile situation. The scammers trick individuals into downloading a bogus money transfer app on their phones, aiming to pilfer financial details from overseas workers.

Sompong Kaewwandee, who heads the Chiang Rai Provincial Employment Office, issued a cautionary word on Thursday. He called on people not to succumb to the temptation of pressing on any dubious links. A disturbing trend has been surfacing that informs his preaching of caution. Local villagers have been the vanguard of delivering such bad news to the office.

The perpetrators of the scam, likely sophisticated criminals, usually send a shady link via Line and SMS. The recipients of such messages have often been family members of Thai laborers stationed in Israel. This disturbing trend of posing as bank service providers from Israel has not gone unnoticed by the local authorities.

They trick their prey into downloading an app called ‘Monox’ and encourage them to press on a link that’s supposed to facilitate inspection of Thai workers’ financial reports in Israel. Kayewwandee emphasized that the genuine ‘Monox’ app is exclusively available on Google Play, thereby debunking the claims made by the scammers.

He advised those unfortunate enough to have fallen into the trap and installed the counterfeit app to disconnect the phone’s internet connectivity or eject the SIM card and then carry out a factory reset to purge the financial data from their device.

Kayewwandee also championed the importance of victims reporting the incident to local law enforcement or through the ‘’ website. Anyone with additional info can reach the Royal Thai Police via their ‘1441’ hotline.

In what appears to be a positive note amidst the distressing news, Boonyavee Kwaipan, acting head of the Employment Department, outlined plans to render compensation of 15,000 baht to returning Thais from Israel as component of the Aid Fund for Overseas Workers.

Boonyavee has called on provisional employment offices to expedite the compensation process for the returnees, ideally within a timeframe of three days.

Salvaging the situation further, the department has reached out to the Population and Immigration Authority based in Israel via a formal letter. The letter urges authorities to consider allowing Thai workers to carry on with their jobs in Israel when the situation recovers.

Appreciating the necessity of a contingency plan , the department has compiled a collection of alternative work destinations for returnees who still harbor desires of working outside their home country.They can consider places like Taiwan, Portugal, Greece, and South Korea for their next overseas stint.

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