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Exposed: Cybercriminals’ Ruthless Plot to Steal Financial Data of Thai Workers in Israel – Has Your Family Fallen Victim?

In the wake of the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, threats aren’t limited to just the battlefield. Indeed, wars of a different variety are being waged within the digital realms. Unfortunately, the Thai Department of Employment has issued a stark warning about a burgeoning scam that targets overseas workers’ financial data through a counterfeit money transfer mobile application.

The driving force behind this cautionary tale is none other than Sompong Kaewwandee, who heads the Chiang Rai Provincial Employment Office. Raising the alert on a recent Thursday, Sompong advised the public to approach suspicious links with extreme caution. It’s the local villagers who have now come to be the watchful eyes and ears of the bureau, first reporting this unscrupulous activity.

These cybercriminals have shrewdly chosen their targets, opting specifically for the family members of Thai individuals working in Israel. They disseminate a questionable link through Line and SMS communications, masquerading as Israeli banking service providers. The unwitting victims are prompted to download an app coined “Monox” and follow the link to review their Israel-based relatives’ fiscal status.

However, the ever-vigilant Sompong offered some timely clarity. The valid Monox app is indeed available, but it should only be downloaded directly from Google Play; the scammers’ illicit link is merely a deceptive tool in their underhanded endeavour to gain access to personal financial data.

In an advisory note, Sompong urgently recommended that anyone unknowingly entrapped in this scam disconnect from the internet or remove their phone’s SIM card immediately, followed by a complete factory reset to eliminate the possibility of any remaining financial data traces. Victims of this scam are urged to report the incident to their local police agencies or via the portal. Moreover, anyone with further information pertaining to this matter can reach out to the Royal Thai Police via their 1441 hotline.

In parallel news, the Thai Department of Employment, through Boonyavee Kwaipan—its acting director-general—has announced plans to offer a compensation of 15,000 baht to Thai nationals returning from Israel who are enrolled in the Aid Fund for Overseas Workers. Instructions have been dispatched to the provincial employment offices to expedite the disbursal of this recompense within a three-day period.

The department is also said to have communicated with Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority with an appeal to permit Thai workers to resume their duties once the tumultuous situation stabilises, as stated by the Bangkok Post. Additionally, for those Thai returnees wishing to keep up their overseas employment journey going, a comprehensive list of alternate work locations—including Taiwan, Portugal, Greece, and South Korea—has been compiled and made available. You can stay abreast of the latest updates from The Thaiger on their new Facebook page.

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