For the entire 2022 year, the projections have ranged from 6 million to over 11 million over the last two months. The idea would also require the support of other pertinent government entities. The Immigration Bureau is in charge of managing visas given upon arrival, while the Foreign Ministry is in charge of processing visa applications. The TAT estimates that revenue will be 1.5 trillion baht this year, down from 3 trillion baht in 2019 before the Covid epidemic. Given that two of their primary feeder markets, China and Russia, are now not traveling, the TAT has set an optimistic goal. The tour operators believe that eliminating the visa costs and increasing visitors’ permitted stays would draw more visitors from abroad to the Land of Smiles. The commercial sector and TAT have observed that every foreign visitor typically plans their travel budget. If visa costs weren’t required, travelers would spend the money here. Additionally, it would entice visitors to remain longer and make more purchases. Just over 2 million people entered Thailand by the end of June, many of them tourists.

The tourism sector is frantically trying to bring tourists back to Thailand. Those applying for a visa in advance will pay 1,000 Baht, while those applying for a visa on arrival from those nations that must pay a charge will pay 2,000 Baht. The elimination of the visa fee would be another effort by the CCSA to boost revenue from international visitors after the Thailand Pass was canceled on July 1. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has asked the Thai government to consider eliminating all visa costs until the end of 2022 in order to increase arrivals and expenditure by foreign visitors.

According to TAT Governor Yuthasak Supasorn, the proposal will be taken up with the government for discussion at CCSA and cabinet sessions.

The government should extend the time limits for people who apply for a tourist visa in advance from 15 to 45 days to 45 days, as requested by the travel industry. The TAT predicts that approximately 9.5 million tourists will visit Thailand this year, if there are enough flights. The majority of new arrivals, 234,206 Indians, were followed by 197,000 Malaysians and 128,000 Singaporeans.

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