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Flight Fiasco Fixed: TAT Governor Debunks Thailand’s Chinese Airline Cancellations – Journey On!

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Imagine the whisper of an airplane’s wings as you gaze up into the starry night, the distant glow of the city below a mesmerizing canvas of lights—this is the sensational experience that some travellers were anticipating with the influx of flights from China to the beautiful and vibrant Thailand. Yet, TAT governor Thapanee Kiatphaibool has stepped forward with news that might just quell the buzz of disappointment circulating around. In a turn of events, it was reported that numerous Chinese airlines had purportedly canceled flights to Thailand during the ebullient months of December and January, leading wanderlust hearts to fret. But have no fear, because Thapanee has come to set the record straight.

With the skill of an aviation maestro, Thapanee clarifies that the rhythm of flights remains as steadfast as ever—no routines have been disrupted, no dances cancelled. Instead, a simple adjustment has been made, as airlines gracefully let go of their extra time slots. The metaphorical music has not stopped, as she assures us, “The number of flights operated by Chinese airlines to Thailand remains unchanged. The returning of the extra slots does not affect the number of flights landing in Thailand.”

Thapanee then delves deeper into the complex ballet of international aviation logistics. Chinese airlines pirouette around a duality of requirements: they must not only reserve their dance floor, a.k.a time slots, with both the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), but they must also curtsy for flying permits from the airports of descent, along with the aforementioned authorities. It’s a two-step of technical prowess and precision.

Our aviation virtuoso goes on to explain that the allocation of these time slots aligns with the changing seasons—winter and summer—like a snowflake aligns with the chill in the air or a sunbeam with the warmth of daylight. In a typical year, airlines follow the rhythm set by their past performances, ensuring at least 80% usage of what they’ve claimed. However, in the age of the pandemic, CAAT offered a gentler tune, allowing airlines to return time slots without a frown. Now, as borders yawn open and China emerges from its hibernation, CAAC and CAAT are doling out time slots with a generous hand, based on the airlines’ pre-pandemic pirouettes or about 13 million opportunities to soar.

Indeed, many of these sky-bound steeds had their schedules set to a full-capacity fiesta, reminiscent of 2019. But alas, an economic adagio has slowed the tempo, with fewer Chinese travelers clipping their wings toward Thailand, prompting these airlines to release their additional slots like doves into the sky. Thapanee empathetically notes that this adjustment must be choreographed four weeks in advance and cites three main factors that have orchestrated this decision:

  • The unanticipated decrescendo in demand has led the airlines to overestimate their needs.
  • Some slots have proven to be wallflowers, not chosen by travelers due to their late hours or bustling airspace.
  • Other slots find themselves out of sync with curfews set by certain Chinese airports, stumbling over restrictions that disallow flights past the stroke of midnight.

Yet, do not be disheartened! The plot thickens, as Thapanee shares whispers of promise from five TAT offices in China. There is chatter of airlines stretching their wings anew with both renewed flights to and from China, as well as the birth of new routes that beckon like sirens between the two countries. Names like VietJet, China Eastern, Nok Air, 9 Air, Thai Lion Air, and Air Asia float through the conversation like notes of an impending symphony.

So, for those yearning for an escape or an adventure, Thailand still beckons like a melody on the breeze. Thanks to Thapanee’s clarifications, the promise of travel remains as buoyant as ever—the stage is set, and the journey continues. The sky above Thailand is open, inviting, and as thrilling as always, ready to enchant those who dare to take flight into its embrace.


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