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From Fryers to the Friendly Skies: Five Star’s Flight into Thailand’s Sustainable Fuel Frontier!

The journey begins in the heart of Thailand’s culinary realms, with Five Star, a titan among franchises, committed to hitching a ride on the sustainability bandwagon. This isn’t just about adding eco-friendly glitter to their golden, fried offerings. It’s a vow, a covenant with the planet to turn every last drop of used cooking oil into a force of green good by 2024.

Tapped to pilot this green dream is no other than Sunthorn Jaksukan, the culinary captain steering CPF Restaurant and Food Chain Co’s ship. Under his watchful eye, Five Star isn’t just frying up a storm; they’re firing up an environmental revolution, one outlet at a time.

Imagine this: a sprawling network of over 5,000 Five Star outlets sprinkled across Thailand’s vibrant landscapes, all banding together in a valiant transformation – from grease to grace. With 139 trailblazing outposts in Bangkok earnestly flipping the sustainability switch, eco-consciousness is set to take a delicious turn.

Here’s where the plot thickens, and deliciously so. BSGF steps in as the eco-champion spearheading this oily odyssey, making sure not a single drop of that sumptuous sheen goes to waste. They’re the knights in shining armour, tasked with recovering the valuable viscous liquid – taking it from fryers of today to the fuel tanks of tomorrow.

But wait, it’s not just about fueling our future skies with greener energy. The heart of the “Fry and Fly” project beats to a rhythm of wellness – an anthem for healthier meals that hug your taste buds and high-five Mother Nature. It’s Five Star’s way of whispering a promise into the ear of the earth: “We’ve got your back.”

This ‘oil-to-altitude’ ambition is a feather in the cap for Bangchak Group. They’re the environmental maestros conducting an orchestra of ethical enterprise – turning each service station into a beacon of change. Used cooking oil no longer slinks away into dark corners; it’s a celebrated resource, eagerly sought and honored for its potential to propel us forward, all while nestled in the guiding principles of the BCG economic model for sustainability.

So, next time you dig into a scrumptious bite at your local Five Star joint, remember that you’re not just savouring a meal. You’re partaking in an eco-revolution. Each bite is a small, yet mighty, chomp towards a greener globe – with Five Star gallantly leading the charge, transforming Thai streets and skies with a dash of environmental flair and a sprinkle of deep-fried hope.

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