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From Street to Hospital: The Heart-wrenching Tale of Survival and Desperation of a Thai Family!

In the early probing hours of dawn from the quietude of Nakhon Phanom, a baby girl of merely three months was cradled in the arms of her agonized mother, anguishing over distressing circumstances. Her husband was being plagued by an ominous facial tumor, stealing away the gift of sight from his right eye. They could do nothing but take refuge at the margin of the road, each passing day weaving a tighter noose of despair and misery.

At half-past midnight that day, the siren call of distress echoed through the area. The Sa-wang Rojanathammasathan Rescue Radio Center in Chon Buri intercepted a call of distress; a patient with a facial tumor grappling with an intense headache was reported to be languishing near Sukhumvit roadside at the first kilometer traffic light intersection within the vicinity of the Sattahip district. Promptly, an ambulance rolled out for the rescue mission, as reported by KhaoSod.

Upon reaching the site, the rescue officials stumbled upon Weeraphon Jampa, a 36-year-old local of Nakhon Phanom. His face had bloated into a grotesque creature of a malignant tumor, staining his existence with incessant agony demanding immediate hospital attention. His companion, Thanya Anuhapong, also bearing the weight of her 36 years, clutched their tiny offspring to her chest. Their desperate wait by the roadside stirred deep currents of sympathy among the bystanders and the rescue team alike. Swiftly they moved, apprehending the extent of the crisis at hand, and transferred the family to Sattahip Hospital at the 10th kilometer.

Thanya recounted their tale, wrought with hardship and struggle. The couple, bereft of any occupation, had journeyed from Rangsit with the hope of securing employment in Sattahip to shoulder the towering medical expenses for her sick partner. Their initial plan steered them towards Plutaluang, seeking medical assistance from the Sirikit Medical Department, Navy. But the painted plans soon chipped away, as their van failed to deliver them to their destination. Flat broke, they found themselves huddling by the roadside, their infant son in tow, and a husband clouded in pain.

The situation worsened when her husband was assaulted by headaches, courtesy of his facial tumor. The right eye was concluded a casualty, snuffed out by the tumor’s invasion. Distraught, she appealed to the passersby, pleading for them to summon the rescue team for assistance, to transport her ailing husband to the hospital. She also revealed that her husband was previously employed as a car painter before this cruel illness snatched away his job as well.

In their current circumstances, they were devoid of even a single baht to afford milk for their baby. She sought the intervention of the appropriate government departments, begging for assistance for her husband.

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