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Funding for facelifts of central department stores

The Central Department Store Co., a subsidiary of Central Retail Corporation, approved the funds to increase from 2023 to 2027. Central has never stopped coming up with new ideas and inventing things in order to improve the shopping experiences of its clients. In keeping with our goal to be “the department store for all Thais,” we seek to be a true and sustainable “Thai House of Brands,” where consumers may find Thai and foreign fashion and home items. The majority of the 19 crown jewel properties are located in prominent European cities and have been for more than a century, he explains.

20% will go toward developing and advancing IT. According to Bron, a facelift will boost sales by 1.7% in five years. The company’s “ALL AT CENTRAL” 75th anniversary marketing campaign. This campaign will cost 500 million Thai Baht, according to Bron. This shows how well the business’s luxury sector is doing. He stated that every year, more than 130 million people from 200 different countries visited the Central Group’s stores in Europe, with more than 6 million of them signing up as “loyalty” members. The network of Central, according to Bron, spans 80 cities in 11 nations.

According to CEO Oliver Bron, department stores would receive 80% of the funding. According to Bron, Central has built solid partnerships with significant luxury brands over the last ten years and transformed stores into well-known shopping destinations favored by both residents and tourists. Central department shops in Thailand and other nations will undergo a 15 billion baht renovation.

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